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Project/Manuscript Submission
Guidelines below

"We're not Amazon"

Genres Published:
Fiction, Poetry, Mysteries
Children's eBooks, Local Histories

Experimental, Autobiography, Historical, Literary Fiction

Representative Authors:

Fiction - Roberta M. Roy, Helmy Parlente Kusuma, Betty Hampel
Poetry/Autobiography - Kristen Henderson, Jean Arleen Breed, Janet Marie Russo 
Mysteries - Betty Hampel, Carl Waldman
Children's Books - Kelli Devlin
Local Histories - Carl Waldman and Chris Campbell, Jean Arleen Breed
Creative Nonfiction - Janet Marie Russo

Guidelines for Submission:

For full consideration, agent/author should submit brief author bio, synopsis/TOC, and first chapter for consideration for publication.

Paperback, Hardcover, E-books (BN.com and Kobo.com), Pur-r-r-sable Children's Books 

Reading Period:
Jan 1 to Dec 31

Reporting Time:
Less than 3 months

Reading Fee:

Accepts Electronic Submissions:

Accepts Simultaneous Submissions:

Accepts Unsolicited Submissions:
May on request consider acceptance.

Editorial Focus
An independent house, ALVA Press Inc Incorporated in 2004, ALVA Press publishes contemporary fiction and nonfiction in the areas Adult Fiction, Poetry, Mysteries, Children's Illustrated Picture Books, Local Histories, and Creative Nonfiction. We published the 2011 Gold Medalist in the Jenkins eLit Awards for Poetry and the 2011 Living Now Awards Bronze Medalist in Inspirational Fiction.

Tips from the Editor
Query first, preferably by email. Submissions by agents or by author with recommendation of published author given priority. Preapproved manuscripts only will be read.

Contact Information

Roberta M Roy Publisher
216 Hooker Avenue
Hyde Park, New York 12603


Incorporated in 2004, ALVA Press Inc, is an independent literary publishing house. ALVA offers readers literary fiction and nonfiction and children's books, in particular Pur-r-r-sable children's books. Visitors to the ALVA site will find synopses and author bios linked to each book cover image. By using the left side button index, the reader may connect to pages associated with Our Publishing Style, Bookstore, Writer's Forum, Testimonials, Roy's Blog, or Contact. Purchases may be made via PayPal or credit card on the website or by personal check or money order by mail. Sign up below for our free newsletter, the ALVA Axiom, through the ALVA site as it often includes special deals.

For titles accepted book distribution is through alvapressinc.com; eBook distribution through alvapressinc.com, barnesandnoble.com, and Kobo.com.

For use in independent distribution, resale, and book signings, authors may purchase copies of their finished titles in multiples of ten or two hundred at reduced for resale prices.

Please note that manuscript acceptance for publication is competitive. Only manuscripts requiring little to no editing will be accepted.

For full consideration, agent/author should submit brief author bio, synopsis/TOC, and first chapter for consideration for publication; author may do same with recommendation of another published author.

Personalized PR on ALVA website author/book pages and in ALVA Axiom newsletter author interview and ALVA Axiom mentions.

For authors so interested, for the cost of eight hundred dollars, ALVA offers an additional nationwide package designed to increase in particular eBook sales.


"We're ALVA not Amazon.com."

ALVA takes pride in working closely with each author and readers enjoy our titles as good reads.   
Roberta M Roy, Author Publisher

ALVA Distribution

ALVA books are distributed through the ALVA website  However if the author so chooses, he or she may purchase copies of his or her book at fifreduced for resale prices for use at book signings and for independent distribution. 

ALVA books are distributed through the ALVA website. ALVA eBooks are distributed through B&N, and Kobo.

ALVA eBooks are compatible for use with most electronic reading devices.

ALVA offers traditonal royalties.

As a mid-sized book publisher, ALVA prides itself on its editing and publishing style.



"Cherish the writer . . . Delight the reader" - Roberta Roy


by Betty Hampel
Trade Soft Cover $14.99

Jolt: a rural noir by Roberta M Roy
by Roberta M Roy
Hard Cover $24.95
Trade SC Sale! $11.99

by Roberta M Roy
Soft Cover $13.99


Of My Maiden Smoking
by Kristen Henderson
New Release  SC $


Once a Gypsy
by Betty Hampel
SC $14.99

Straight from the Robin's Nest
by Roberta M Roy
Available Now! SC $34.99
Commemorative Copy


Mirror Image
by Betty Hampel
Soft Cover $14.95

Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery by Carl Waldman

Soft Cover $11.99
Out of Stock 


for Love
Walking in the Darknes

by Janet Marie Russo

Soft Cover $11.99


Drum Machine by Kristen Henderson

by Kristen Henderson
SC Books $14.99 
Adirondack Paper Girl by Jean Arleen Breed

Adirondack Paper Girl
by Jean Arleen Breed
SC Books $12.99


The ALVA Axiom Anthology
of Author Interviews

by Roberta M Roy

Soft Cover $9.99

Odd Road Out by Betty Hampel

Odd Road Out
by Betty Hampel
SC $9.99


Memontos of Mai by Helmy Kusuma
by Helmy Parlente Kusuma
SC Books $9.99

by Carl Waldman
and Chris Campbell
SC Book  $11.99
Out of Stock 


Children's eBooks and
Pur-r-r-sable Books
Designed Especially for

Kitten purring in a purse


Coco's Christmas Eve
by Kelli Devlin

Now Available!
Softcover $6.99


La Veille de
Noël de Coco

by Kelli Devlin

Now Available!
Softcover $6.99


El Bolsillo de Santa
by Kelli Devlin

Now Available!
Softcover $6.99

Alva Press, Inc. will refund the purchase price of:
  • Books in unused condition returned within 30 days.


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