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saturday, october 31, 2009

How to Get an Autographed Copy of Jolt
Kathi, Alva Press' designer, and Chris, who represents the printer, are currently duking it out to ensure that the design and the specifications are mutually respected. There were only a couple of questions so Jolt's files should go to the printer early next week which means it's time for me to sign and send off the storage and fulfillment order to BookMasters.  

After that, once Jolt: a rural noir is in print, there will be two ways to order a copy.  One will be through the Alva Press, Inc., websight that will involve sending a check to Alva by snail mail. The other will be by clicking the right button and ordering and paying for a copy online through BookMasters. The price is the same and the books are from the same printer. The only difference is that if you would like an autographed copy, you will have to order it through
http://alvapressinc.com rather than BookMasters as BookMasters is in Ohio and I am in Poughkeepsie, NY.

But more anon.

RMR in Po-Town, Eager for her first copies of Jolt
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friday, october 23, 2009

When Are Two Colors Really Four Colors?
Now the paperback cover and the hard cover dust jacket of Jolt are to be in black and white highlighted with yellow. The photo is in black and white while the three-winged radiation symbol will be yellow. So I figured Jolt would be printed in a two-color process. Nope.

First of all, as Kathi, my designer, explained, two-color print processes are rarely used any more. Next I learned that Jolt's yellow is a custom ink made up of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).  This then, according to Kathi, makes it necessary to print even its base black and white photo in a 4/color process.

RMR in Po-Town, Figuring costs
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tuesday, october 20, 2009

Jolt Gone to Press

The email from designer Kathi Massaro assures me that the HC and PB versions of Jolt have gone to press. So with any luck, you should be holding your autographed copy by Thanksgiving . . . assuming you order through Alva Press, Inc. But Jolt will also be available through PrintMasters where although there will be no autograph, you will be able to pay online rather than using snailmail to send a check.   
      And life begins anew: I learn to market and distribute Jolt and go to work on Yell'n'Tell. That's the children's book that's been sitting there awaiting its turn. My sister,W., thinks it'll be a bigger seller than Jolt.  
      Yell'n'Tell is about bullying. Only after the moms are called upon to team up and help does the harassment and pinching of one child by another end. Still, it takes courage to tell. And it's not easy being the moms, either.

RMR in Po-Town, Coasting

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sunday, october 18, 2009

Jolt Ready for Press

Last week the Library of Congress Number for Jolt Trade paperback edition came through; Kathi Massaro finished its cover and text design; and tonight I completed the final design proofing for both the hard cover with dust jacket and soft cover texts and designs and gave Kathi the go ahead to forward them to the printer. Next will be the final proofs from the printer. As such, I am expecting Jolt to be out by Thanksgiving or at latest by early December. My friends assure me, it will make a great Hannukah or Christmas gift.

Can't beat having upbeat buddies!

Will let you know when I hear more.

RMR in Po-town (I can't believe it either.)

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tuesday, october 13, 2009

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saturday, october 3, 2009

On Tenderhooks
BookMasters awaits the order while I sit on tenderhooks awaiting the correction of the Library of Congress number for the paperback edition of Jolt:a rural noir.  Nobody to blame. The website didn't work correctly. I tried. The LOC tried. Result: the hard back has two LCNs and the Trade paper has none. Five years in the making and now? Oh, for the want of a horseshoe nail.

In other, I've changed lodgings, so to speak, and because of that I will have no internet until Wednesday, October 7, so posting will be difficult.  Right now, I'm moonlighting on my son's computer.

RMR in Po-town, Just waiting
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