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saturday, january 30, 2010

Alva Press News Updates
Jolt: a rural noir has been selected for listing on Review Direct. Review Direct goes out to librarians and independent bookstores all over the country letting them know about recommended new publications. It is also now listed on The Critic's Bookshelf for reviewers.

Kristen Henderson is duking out the question ofjust what would be the best organization for her book of poetry.

Alva Press, Inc., invites authors interested in blogging as a Visiting Writers to express their interest by contacting the publisher at

Thanks go out to Nancy Means Wright for her supportive observations on Visiting Writer Kristen Henderson's poem. If you'd like to read it, click on the comment section under the January 25 blog entry below.

W. asked me to mention to the two hundred or more readers who click into this blog two or three times a month to, if they have not already done so, to also consider purchasing a copy of Jolt. (W. is my sister. Sometimes she has the best of ideas!)

Jolt may be purchased by sending a check to the address below, referring to the Contact Us page or moving to the Order Here page and utilizing your charge card through PayPal.

Hope to hear from you.

RMR in Po-Town
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monday, january 25, 2010

Nancy Means Wright as Visiting Writer

How lucky we are to have Nancy Means Wright join us on the Visiting Writer's page. There she writes about trauma and how it may either facilitate or impede writing. To tell the story she touches on intimate pieces of her life and shares observations from the depth of her broad writer's experience.

Wright is the author of fifteen books, including five mystery novels from St. Martin's Press and an historical novel, Midnight Fires, (Perseverance Press). She has been an Agatha winner and nominee for two children's mysteries. Her stories have been published in the American Literary Review, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

I should be happy to pass on any responses you might have to Wright's blog. To send them, either use the form on the Contact Us page or click on the word Comments below and send them from the window that will open there for your use.

RMR in Po-Town, Feelin' lucky

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thursday, january 21, 2010

Joan Schweighardt Selected to Edit Kristen Henderson's Poetry

Talked with Joan Schweighardt, editor, today. She's agreed to edit Kristen Henderson's book of poetry, so we discussed strategy. It looks like she will read all the poems through first and then edit them.

Kristen and I are both excited because more than one editor was considered, but Joan seemed ready to best meet Kristen's writing needs at this time so we're happy to have her aboard. Joan previously edited Jolt, and I remain ever grateful to her for all her great editorial comments and suggestions.

We've been trying to get the word out on Jolt so the demand for it will increase. So starting tomorrow, Review Direct will send out copies of the cover image and a brief reviw to librarians and independent bookstores across the country regarding Jolt: a rural noir's publication. And also at the end of the month Jolt will be listed in the Critic's Bookshelf, which goes out to reviewers all over the United States.

Wouldn't it be great for Jolt to pick up some reviews in different parts of the country? Can't wait. Will keep you posted on progress.

Meantime, the number of visitors to the Alva Press, Inc., website grows steadily, with most viewers returning for updates at least twice a month. Further, its readership, in additoin to the USA has expanded to the Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, and Denmark. 

I'd love to know how the words being spread. Is it through search engines? Or recommendations from friends? Or other? At any rate, it's very encouraging. So if you'd like to help get the word out, do pass the web site address along to others. And do drop me a line in the comment sections about what interests you so we offer you more of what you like.

RMR in Po-Town, Feeling reassured and happy

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sunday, january 17, 2010

Cover Designs by Stef
Kristen and I have been talking about the book of her poetry Alva Press will publish in June. But the creative process is never really predictable, so for some reason we chose to discuss the design for the cover before anything else. From that came the decision that Stef Ottaviani who owns Gallery Ottaviani on Hooker Avenue in Poughkeepsie, New York, would do the design.  So Stef and I talked together and he designed some sample covers for me to review. They were great. I thought maybe it was just us. But it wasn't.

I like Stef's designs, not because he is my son . . . although he is . . . but rather because, after the hours I spent researching images for Jolt and consulting with the designer and determining that the first three proposals just didn't get there, I've developed more of a critic's sense as to what a cover can do. To begin with, it takes some luck and perseverence to find an appropriate image. And then there is the question of text style and color choice. And finally there is the formatting to the printer's specs, which with Jolt's cover caused a whole host of new problems. But along the way I always had input from Stef. Also I know his skill in framing and repairing paintings. So when he began to work up some cover designs, I was immediately impressed by their power.  We even pulled out a bunch of images of published books so we could compare their cover designs to his. But Stef's held their own against the best of them.

And from this has come two things. First, not only does Kristen have someone to design her book's cover, Alva Press is moving to offer as one of its services, Cover Designs by Stef. And as soon as Stef completed the Alva Press'new web design, it will include a page for it. So do check us out again come early February when the new web design is in place and do think about Stef if you are interested in having your book cover or dust jacket designed. I know you'll be pleased with the results.

RMR in Po-Town, Havin' fun
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tuesday, january 12, 2010

Alva Press: The Way We Are
Alva is establishing her sea legs: The Three Arts on Collegeview Avenue in Poughkeepsie is now carrying Jolt: a rural noir by Roberta M. Roy. Poet Kristen Henderson and novelist Nancy Means Wright are forwarding releases so their work can be included on the Visiting Writer's page. Alva's website is pretty much in order now; as well as the home page and this blog, one can find a contact page, and Alva Press direct email as well as PayPal. Further, on the home page one can find direct links to Roberta M. Roy's personal blog and one on Nuclear Survival. And Roy has begun research into some needed scientific information on acute radiation sickness that will be woven into her next sci-fi novel, Too Close: a study in survival.

As for day-to day-operations, the distribution center is up and running and there have been several inquiries regarding the publishing of works by other authors. One of the ideas Alva Press is toying with is becoming a bilingual publisher of works to be published in Spanish as well as English. As such, an informal search has begun to find a talented Spanish-English translator. Of particular interest would be someone skilled comprehending and translating poetry. Also someone skilled in editing in Spanish would become important. But it is early yet, and sometimes ones expectations exceed ones ability to achieve. Nonetheless, the owner's love of languages pushes her in that direction.

Any thoughts or suggestions on the above matters would be greatly appreciated. They may be submitted either by email or through the blog comment windows.

RMR in Po-Town, Dreaming
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friday, january 8, 2010

Jenkins Group to Play Alva's Help Mate
You know the Jenkins Group? Well, it's in publishing business, too, but so big that Alva Press, Inc., fails to intimidate it In fact it even helps out small publishers like Alva. So today I enlisted their aid.

First, the Jenkins Group offers Review Direct. That's a service that lets librarians and small independent book stores know what's new out there. Alva purchased space on it for Jolt: a rural noir. The mailing won't go out until the seventeeth, but I suspect it will boost Alva's internet sales of Jolt.

And while Alva was at it, it bought into the Jenkins Group's new service, called The Critic's Bookshelf. Using it will put Alva Press, Inc., in contact with numerous book reviewers. You see we're thinkin' it would be fun to have Jolt reviewed in Anaheim, CA; Chicago, Il; and NY, NY . . . what a wonderful town! . . just to name a few places.

So do check to see if your library has ordered copies of Jolt yet. And do watch for its review and let me know when you see it!

RMR in Po-Town, Havin' a good time
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saturday, january 2, 2010

Visitors from the Netherlands
In looking at my blog analytics I find that I have a generous handful of persons visiting from the Netherlands. How nice! Welcome! And do come back soon. And also be sure to click on the RobertaMRoy tab above for a gander at my personal blog page.

About the RobertaMRoy page. I've been having problems getting the regular blog form transferred to it by register.com. But it should straightened out soon. Meantime, you'll note that the current product is a bit slammed up together as the program will not let me leave spaces between paragraphs. Still, if you'd like to know more about where my head is politically or my feet as I walk through the day, you'll find it there.

Have to check Alva Press' email now. (I like learning how many orders you've sent me using PayPal.) Then Monday it's off to check the Alva Press postal box for the snailmail requests.

RMR in Po-Town, Excited about the New Year!
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friday, january 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Happy Twenty-Ten!

2010! Whoopee! Going into the new year well! Jolt: a rural noir published in December. Already read from cover-to-cover by at least one delighted purchaser. And from other readers, words trickle in daily regarding their responses. Interesting seems to be a key one. (My sister W found two typos in the first thirty pages.) And life goes on.

Come the end of the month, Jolt will be listed on Review Direct, a newsletter for libraries and independent book stores. Can't wait.

RMR in Po-Town, Workin' on Too Close

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