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monday, april 19, 2010

Writers Invited to Submit on Writing and Cultural Influences
Choosing to become a writer/publisher is not a choice that brings with it an instant circle of writer/publisher friends with whom to learn and share. Of course there's the world. But it's big and can be pretty inpersonal so I was tickled to read among the comments on the Author Publisher's page, one from Sonia Meyer in which as an author represented through a small publisher, she suggested the importance of supporting each other. 

If my research is accurate, Ms. Meyer is the noted Roma (Gypsey) scholar and the author of the soon to be released novel about a gypsey girl, Dosha (Wilderness House Press) which will be available in the summer of 2010.

After reading Ms. Meyer's background, it occurred to me that Writing and Cultural Influences should be the next topic to be addressd on the Alva Press, Inc. Visiting Writers page. So Ms. Meyers, if you or any of the other writers reading this are so inclined, a brief bio and submission on Writing and Cultural Influences for publication on the Visiting Writers' page would be most appreciated.

Submissions should be between two hundred and five hundred words length and may be emailed through the website or sent to Alva Press, Inc., Visiting Writers, P.O. Box 289, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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saturday, april 17, 2010

Publishing Consultant and Cover Design Services

Alva Press, Inc. offers a professional book design service. For those who are self-publishing, this service may be purchased with other services or singly. Cover design with two twenty-minute consults starts at $499 per cover. Following the determination of the key cover image, the client is offered the opportunity to select from three possible designs prepared by one of Alva's talented and experienced designers.

For those self-publishing for the first time, Alva Press, Inc., also offers an email/telephone consulting service which will lessen the stress and speed up the actualization of self-publication.  

Consultant services are offered in twenty-minute intervals at fifteen dollars per interval at this time.


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tuesday, april 6, 2010

The Way We Are
The only really active part of Alva Press, Inc., currently is at its sub-sites:

http://alvainc.com/robertamroy and http://alvainc.com/robertamroyonnuclearsurvival

In the absence of more exciting publication news, the expectation is that visitors to the site will find the blogs interesting and once familiar with Roberta M Roy through her blogs, they will also decide to purchase and read her book, Jolt.

Beyond that, how can one blog about the activity of Alva Press, Inc., when the best that can be said is that right now it's at a plateau: Jolt: a rural noir has yet to be properly publicized; the publisher distributor has yet to take the publicity for Jolt to another level so that its sales take off; and Drum Machine's ISBN and Library of Congress numbers need to come in, followed by the completion of the final edit (which is typically a bit more complex than it was ever anticipated it might be)?

Such is the nature of fledgling publishing done on a shoe string. This is Alva as Alva is. We wish we had more to report, but we do not.

Beyond that, Roberta keeps giving away books and bookmarks to the willing and interested in preparation for the day when everyone will want a copy of Jolt: a rural noir

As you may know,The Three Arts bookstore carries Jolt in its inventory. Yes. Well, there is a woman there who has promised to read Jolt and tell people about it. Also The Three Arts is giving away free bookmarks publicizing Jolt. So if you are in the area, you might want to stop there and pick up one. The Three Arts is located across the street from Vassar College on Collegeview Avenue in Poughkeepsie, New York.

RMR in Po-Town
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