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wednesday, may 5, 2010

Where are we now? And have you thought of Mom?

Life beneath a calm sea is seldom quiet. So, too, with Alva Press. Flying fingers rush to pull together the last needed bits of Drum Machine. With bated breath we wait the ISBN, the LCN, the reader's critiques. Meantime we move forward with the design of a cover that promises to be stunning.

Within the text, we chase away the widows and fold the poems to fit the pages where ere we must. This font or that one? Such large decisions. Why is it that the final preparations always seem so long and complex when in fact they are but weeks and months in comparison to the years of writing, revising, rewriting, and revising again?

It's the nature of the beast. If one is be a writer, that's enough. But to become published. Now there's the challenge.

So we hold hands and dance around the fire and hope . . . just hope . . . that someone will love our work. That everyone will. And that like water over cascades our books will fly out into the open arms of the waiting world: Jolt:a rural noir, Drum Machine, and after them, Too Close and Yell'n'Tell . . . and anything else we decide to pull together and announce to our reading public. To you. To you who reads this blog and the other blogs and contemplates just possibly ordering their own copy of Roberta M Roy's Jolt. Or even pre-ordering one of Kristen Henderson's Drum Machine.

So you turn to the Order Here page and start with the one that is already available. And you ask that your copy of Jolt be autographed. Perhaps you'll even have it inscribed as a gift for your mom who always worries about things and would enjoy the information and reassurance reading it brings. And you'll give it to her and tell her she'll just love the Matters boys. And you'll mention how the story of the struggling artist, Thaw, really caught you. And that Natalie!


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