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tuesday, august 31, 2010

Publications' Progress, eBooks, and Book Club Discussions

Alva Press, Inc. continues its slow, steady expansion of services. This week it uploaded the draft copy of Jolt: a rural noir as an eBook onto Kindle with Amazon.com. The draft's first pages formatting translated poorly from the ePlatform and need some editing, but the main body of the book looks pretty good. As such, with just some minimal reformatting of the initial pages, the expectation is to make Jolt: a rural noir available to the public as an eBook this coming month.

In other, a book club in Ferrisburgh, VT, has ordered nine copies of Jolt: a rural noir and has invited its author, Roberta M Roy, to participate the club's discussion of Jolt. The motivation behind the writing of Jolt: a rural noir should be of particular interest to club members. This is because the Vermont Yankee Power Plant in southern Vermont has been leaking radioactive materials into the lands adjacent to the plant as well as into the Connecticut River. As a result, the Vermont Legislature recently decided to deny the renewal of the plant's license when it runs out in 2011. But the question as to whether or not they should wait so long is still out there, making nuclear issues a hot topic in Vermont. 

The need for an ISBN number and design questions continue to prevent the publication of Kristen Henderson's book of poetry, Drum Machine. The ISBN is expected in this coming month. As for the design, the bar code came through with a blurry image and it is likely it will require reissuance. The plan remains, however, for Drum Machine to go to press not later than the end of this September.

RMR in Po-Town, Truckin'

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sunday, august 22, 2010

Alva Press, Inc., in the World of Publishing

Yesterday began an end-of-summer break. After bill-paying, I jotted down a list of personal catch-up tasks for completion in the two weeks before school re-opens. 

Alva Press, Inc., offered me a small plethora of things to do. I list them below as a window insight into the throes a fledgeling publishing company's operations. The tasks are loosely divided among: Kristen Henderson's book; uploading of Jolt: Rural Noir as an eBook; distribution of hard copies; public appearances; bookkeeping and finances; and website(s) updates. 

Drum Machine 
          -Cover letter to accompany release for Kate to sign
          -Review copyright page and cover blurbs for accuracy
          -Work with designer regarding text to include on back
          -Check to see if clearer bar code sample and ISBN
                  have arrived
Jolt: Rural Noir 
              -Upload to:
                              Kindle with Amazon.com
                              Nook with B&N
Public Appearances
              -Set date in October for Vergennes, VT booksigning
              -Discuss possible dates for booksigning at ZenDog 
              -Prep/Send invoices to booksellers 
              -Prep bulk order and send.
                  -Revamp Alva Press main page
                  -Update blogs - Wr&Pub, RMRonNS, RMR
Sales Taxes
                  -Clarify with NYS Alva's were submitted
                          electronically in a timely manner

When I ask myself, Why I am doing this?" the answer comes back, "Because I feel like it." No other explanation at this point makes much sense.

RMR in Po-Town, Knittin'

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