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sunday, october 31, 2010

October's Flurry, Skyping, and the IPPY Awards

After a flurry of booksignings, October draws peacefully to a close, leaving me with a good feeling about the future of Jolt: a rural noir and Alva Press, Inc.

In relating to the public, I find I am comfortable 'getting out the message' by Skype or face to face and remain, as always, happy to talk to a crowd. That is, of course, as long as I feel I have something important to say. In this instance it is a kind of advocacy for people to be more willing to learn about and discuss issues in relation to mass event survival. So much of the stuff is just plain old common sense, but unless one has the facts and has taken the time to cull through them and develop a plan, fear tends to take over, and with it, ignorance.

It was for that reason I wrote Jolt: a rural noir. I wanted to make knowledge of the effects and ways to response in the event of a nuclear event or any mass event resulting in emigration and resultant overcrowding part of the common currency of daily conversation. What I have gathered from those who have read it, it does. On the other hand, I have learned that just mentioning the topic to the less informed may choke them up and bring tears to their eyes. Hopefully they, too, will find the courage to enjoy the rolicking good read of Jolt: a rural noir and become more informed and therefore more calm in thinking through survival related issues.

In other, I have found that Skyped interviews are wonderful. The one I participated in with a book club in Vergennes, VT, where fifteen of its members read the book and eight or nine of them participated in the Skyped discussion was intimate, intense, and most informative. It seemed that to a person each had enjoyed the book and were ready to comment and question in the most discerning of ways--including inquiry into my reasoning in developing the book's structure as well as the expression of most personal fears and concerns related to the use of nuclear power. My gratitude to them all. They were wonderful.

Hopefully the Skyped interview I had with those in Vergennes, VT, will be the first of many such interviews. To quote my cousin Betty, "Why not?" Afterall through the use of Skype I can discuss Jolt: a rural noir with people all over the world. Most exciting!

As for efforts on behalf of the company, Jolt: a rural noir has been entered in the Jenkins Group IPPY awards contest at the national level as well as the northeast section. The IPPY is awarded in a number of categories for the best Canadian-American IndePendently Published Book of the Year. As there is nothing other out there quite like it, if nothing else Jolt: a rural noir should have a good chance for taking a first place in originality if nothing else. 

And as my editor, Joan Schweighardt, has herself been an IPPY winner, I suspect that the writing itself should be at least acceptable for the purposes of its consideration for a first place award. Still, not to get too excited: the IPPY awards themselves will not be made before May 2011. 

Roberta in Po-Town, So Skype Me Soon:)

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saturday, october 23, 2010

Poughkeepsie Barnes and Noble Local Author Booksigning Today
Whoopee! Local Authors booksigning today at Barnes and Noble, South Road, Poughkeepsie, NY. Very exciting! Can't wait to meet all the other writers! Some fifteen or more others are expected! 

As for Jolt: a rural noir, it should become available sometime in the morning, but I'll be there from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. So do stop by. I'd love to chat with you about my high action, information filled book of love and post event survival--Jolt: a rural noir

Roberta in Po-Town, Chompin' at the Bit
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sunday, october 17, 2010

Jolt: a Rural Noir in Vergennes, VT, and at Barnes and Noble
Jolt: a rural noir should garner a lot of attention this week. Thursday I interview by Skype with the Vergennes Book Club, Vergennes, VT. Saturday is my appearance at the Local Authors Day at Barnes and Noble here in Poughkeepsie.

As the event over the Internet by Skype happens thisThursday 4:30-6:00, today my assignment is to try out the use of Skype in preparation for the event. But as a landline is generally adequate for my purposes, I don't have broadband. (Also, it costs less . . . as any starving artist will attest.) As such, my first assignment is to find a locale with broadband from which to broadcast. 

My son's Gallery is a possibility, but I'd be alone there and I might want someone to hold my hand as this is my first Skyped--or should I say televised--interview. So today I am on the prowl for another milieu.

I wonder if the public library has the potential to provide me Skype access. Wouldn't that be nice!

Soon, I suspect, following this week's events, the orders for Jolt: a rural noir over the Internet should skyrocket. Also Amazon.com readers will likely find themselves falling all over each other in their determination to comment enthusiastically about how much they enjoyed Jolt: a rural noir . I mean, I'm sure they will have criticisms as well as positive takes on it, but if an author never hears from any of them, how is one to know.

I know the dam hasn't broken yet, but I'm convinced it will. And you can help. Just use Amazon.com to order your copy of Jolt: a rural noir and then do critique it there when you're ready. Jolt: a rural noir is an epic story of love and survival you will not want to have missed. So order your copy today.

More anon.

Roberta in Po-Town, Scopin' for Skype
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sunday, october 10, 2010

Roberta M Roy at Rug Garden Booksigning, Rhinebeck, NY

Balloons heralding the Booksigning by Roberta M Roy flew beside the entrance door. W. was there to support the effort and the conversation flowed without cease. And it was such a lovely day for a walk and a visit. And I could not have asked for kinder, more fun people to be on site for the booksigning of Jolt: a rural noir.

Alva Press, Inc., and Deborah Belding of the Rug Garden in Rhinebeck, New York, provided the wine and cheese and cheerful ambience with the result that what was as much of a party as a book signing went merrily on non-stop from 1:00 to 4:00.

Even the purchasers had fun things to tell and Roberta learned that out there somewhere, she has at least two soulmates, one of whom bought a home in Ticondaroga, New York--just to be sure that when global warming shrinks the shoreline of the USA, she at least will be still on dry land. (Needless to say they were also delighted to have the news to share with her that I had considered a similar question when I chose my home in Port Henry, New York--it being at least 200 miles from any nuclear power plant--as well as safe from the effects of global warming.)

BTW:Ticondaroga is only a half hour drive south of Port Henry.

The second comrade-in-arms, so to speak, is an EMR guy knowledgeable in HAZMAT and POD assembly. PODS are Points of Distribution organized in the same way the villagers in Jolt: a rural noir organized to respond to the influx of mass immigrants who overran the mountain village of Locklee following the meltdown at Magdum Heights. The use of PODs taught and practiced for use by all Emergency Response Teams in every state in the nation and on the national level by FEMA. If you are not informed about it, you can read about it in its practical application as the community in Locklee responds to the needs of the mass immigration for food, clothing, water, housing, and medical care.

At any rate, I signed their two books with a statement of gratitude for their helping to keeping us all safe. 

BTW: There is probably a volunteer medical emergency response team in your county that you might care to join. They are great teams and in a mass emergency they need everybody from drivers to child care workers, registrars, guides, interpreters, and . . . of course . . . persons with medical backgrounds. So whatever your interest, I am sure your help there is needed. So do look into it.

Roberta in Po-Town, Celebrating

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friday, october 8, 2010

If you are in Dutchess County in NY, Do Stop By

Saturday, October 9: Booksigning by Roberta M. Roy of Jolt: a rural noir at The Rug Garden - "around the corner from the Beekman Arms" - Columbus Day Weekend Event in Rhinebeck, New York, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Do stop by for some wine and cheese.

Roberta in Po-Town, Almost ready

P.S. Jolt: a rural noir is now available through Amazon.com. If you do purchase it there, it would really help if you were also to comment there. And thanks so much for thinking of me!

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