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sunday, january 30, 2011

January Melt

True to expectations, Roberta's creative juices ebbed in January--what with two nine-inch snowfalls, one five-incher, an ice storm that covered the branches the highest trees for a week, and numerous other flurried-events, January fades into February leaving behind it a tired populace, drained by the unrelenting need to clear the white stuff. Didn't matter if it was shoveling, sweeping, defrosting, or salting. Done. February's got to be kinder. Po-Town, my nickname for Poughkeepsie, NY, deserves better.

Professionally, January was also a particularly difficult month. In addition to daily, weekly, monthly, and evaluation reports, it was time to update the student's Individual Education Plans (IEPs). This meant that in addition to muscle-drain there was brain-drain. Nonetheless, Alva Press continued to progress in January.

First of all, Jolt: a rural noir was listed on the Jenkins' group newsletter for literary critics: The Critic's Bookshelf 
http://www2.nmgmail.com/jenkins/dsc/collateral/CBS_0111.pdf and writetosell.com http://www.writetosell.com/?p=1441

Also, GreyCore Press contest featured two free copies of Jolt: a rural noir  http://www.facebook.com/GreyCore . Terri Taylor of Blakely, PA, and Andrea Workman of Yorba Linda, CA, were each the lucky winner of and autographed copy. Congratulations to both of them! And thank you GreyCore!

And now Alva is looking forward to a booksigning for Roberta M Roy at "A Show of Hearts" sponsored by The Cherry Branch Gallery, 25 Main Street, Cherry Valley, NY, Saturday, February 5th, 5-7 PM. The show will feature a number professional and emerging artists and is expected to bring a large turnout.

Jolt: a rural noir
has been included in 'The Show of Hearts' as the passions and care of Jolt's characters in their struggles for survival fit in nicely with the concept of a 'show of hearts'. There is the passion of the lovers Thaw and Natalie; the dedication of the brothers, Jason and Marty; the hankerings of Martha for Lem; and the dedication of the various members of the spontaneously-evolved community emergency medical response team's interest in serving a community overrun by forced emigrants. As such, it is the heart, so to speak, that moves Jolt's plot, while the daily challenges to both Newees and Townees tug on it's strings. Also, not to be missed in this melee, main character,Thaw, is himself a struggling artist whose art and life style evolve significantly in the pivotal two years of the Jolt saga. So as it turns out, Jolt: a rural noir is a perfect book to be featured at "A Show of Hearts".

Hearts' artists should also want to ask about the challenge of cover design that this author publisher experienced in bringing about the publication of Jolt: a rural noirJolt's final design image was by Kristi Paonessa while the cover design in full was the work of Kathi Massaro. If anything, both have received only raves since publication. Nonetheless, before the final image, font, and copy were selected there was input from at least three other artists and several art submissions suggested for use on the cover, all of which makes for interesting discussion.

Special thanks to The Cherry Branch Gallery Director, Kristen Henderson, for inviting Roberta M Roy to do a booksigning and share in the fun next Saturday at "A Show of Hearts".

Hope to see you all there.

Roberta in Po-Town

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tuesday, january 18, 2011

January Slide

It gives me a sense of chagrin to check out one of my blogs and find I haven't made an entry in a more than a week. But then I really could not say if anyone is actually waiting to read what's next. And except for a rare comment or two and the gradual increase in number of individual viewers and number of pages read I have no way of knowing who or how many read me with interest.

So, to follow-up on my just-for-fun end-of-the-year goal, yes we did reach 7777 pages read in the year prior to 1/1/11. Hopefully it is an omen--you know--seven come eleven, and this year Jolt: a rural noir will not only be an award winner, but will sell millions of copies. Well, even thousands would put a smile on my face, not to mention the possibility of recouping at least some of the money I put into its publication, running the Alva Press website, and doing what PR I have been able to find the time to do.

This year Jolt: a rural noir will be listed under adult literature on the Critic's Bookshelf at least seven times. Hopefully that will increase the number of time it is reviewed. Also, I am thinking of going on radio. But it is cold now. And snowy. And icy. So I think I'll wait for spring.

Roberta in Po-Town, Coastin'

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