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sunday, june 26, 2011

If Alva Is on Your Love-to-Visit-List . .
Visitors have as of today read some 13,000 pages on this site. An average visitor to the Alva Press site checks in twice a month for two minutes plus per visit (130 seconds). This may not impress you, however, vs. 30 seconds and less per visit most sites accrue, this is four times that average per visit click-time. Also most visitors to the Alva Press, Inc., site return.

So my question is, why do so few readers fail to also use this site for ordering copies of Jolt: a rural noir? Running a site costs. Writing and publishing a book costs.

As such, Alva is beginning to feel like the NPR of the Internet. Perhaps it is time for a fund-raising drive. Or perhaps it is time for readers to begin to take some responsibility for the cost of the site by purchasing a copy of Jolt: a rural noir through it.

On the other hand, perhaps the reader is waiting for Jolt: a rural noir to come out in eBook form.

If you are one of those looking forward to Jolt: a rural noir in eBook form, it should not be long now! Perhaps as early as mid-July.

Roberta in Po-Town, eBooking!
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sunday, june 19, 2011

eAlvaInk Submission for Logo Accepted for Use by United Writers and Design Professionals on Linkedin

For a while I have been enjoying the benefits of Linkedin. Recently I became involved in the United Writer and Designer Professionals that is sponsored through it. As a result of the excellent leadership of Hank Shrier http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Hank-Shrier-Author-and-Publisher/210970048934677 we have formed a fledgeling online union of writers and designers interested to clarifying and protecting our rights in today's rapidly changing marketplace. The group has been seeking to develop a logo so I submitted one which to my delight has been accepted! It should be up within a few days. Can't wait! It's pretty simple. A book, a pen as an exclamation point, and the letter's UWDP across the book's pages.

Roberta in Po-Town, Designing

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saturday, june 18, 2011

The Way We Are
Ever try to run a publicity campaign without enough phones?

Well, this week turned out to be a bit of bust in terms of our campaign. The telephone company lost Alva Press, Inc.'s first order and the technician didn't show on the appointed day to honor our second one. So Monday 9:00 a.m. sharp we'll be calling another local provider to request the new business phone and number and associated lines.

But the good news is that the search for the right part time help is paying off and this week Roy talked to an IT person and a PR person who could turn out to be the ones Alva needs to get both the publicity campaign and the eAlvaInk up and running.

Meantime, the discussions on LinkedIn are refreshingly informed and Roy hopes that they will eventually lead to a well-developed and fair contract for eBooking with eAlvaInk. Roy is a great believer in the notion that you hire an attorney to do what you want done--which means you have do your homework first and then you hire the lawyer. You do not go to an attorney lacking a clear idea of what you need. Thus discussions with other writers, designers, and publishers on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/ seemed a good to start.

Outside of LinkedIn, Roy has been reading contracts from other publishers and distributors. They, however, have pretty consistently raise as many questions as they have answered. And at times Roy's impression was that the understanding that went with the signing of some was that with them went the writer's soul.

Generally not a happy scene.

Which is why Alva Press, Inc. is an independent publisher.

But right now our priority is taking Jolt: a rural noir to the people. Introducing the book to the readers. Readers in all the fifty states and Canada. Why not? It's a great book. And nuclear power raises itself to questions all over the place--for one reason or another. So there should be persons in every state--and Canada--eager to read it--if only because they like love stories.

Which, BTW, brings me to aheads up: If you'd like a courtesy review copy of Jolt: a rural noir so you can read it and review it on GoodReads, send me an email and Alva will put one in the mail to you come Monday--free of charge.

Roberta in Po-Town, Excited about the future
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saturday, june 4, 2011

Inspire a Friend; Share Your Copy of Jolt: rural noir
With the publicity push for Jolt: a rural noir almost ready for launching, Alva Press, Inc., steps off into the wide world of radio, newspapers, blogs, and television. This being Alva's first campaign to reach beyond a few booksignings, a couple of newspaper contacts, and a bunch of hellos to friends and family, Roy is curious as to how it will go. Will anyone respond? Will everyone respond? After the first few weeks will it be possible to begin to gage the campaign's success? When is a campaign on its way? When is it done? Is it ever over?

But Smith Publications has set Alva up well and, if truth were told, over the next six to eight months, Alva expects Jolt:a rural noir to become a household word--well, almost. Wasn't that the purpose of writing the book anyway? To make disaster, including nuclear meltdowns speakable? To inform the reader how through a thought out approach to disaster survival, most will do well. But the key is to have previously read a little, talked a little, and prepared a generally agreed upon response. And just as such pre-planning has saved so many along the Mississippi this year, so too, it can help in response to anything from nuclear meltdowns to overcrowding due to an area having to absorb masses of forced refugees.

Such is the story of Jolt: a rural noir where informed residents and refugees come together using a POD military style and creatively rebuild their community. Whether it is the Matters boys who choose to flee or the estranged lovers, Natalie and Thaw, all bring not only the element of human conflict and passion to the story, but also a piece of the answer to the question of survival. Readers male and female find themselves intrigued, touched, and lifted by this literary work of inspirational fiction--as will you.
If you love your family and your community, do hit the hot button on the upper left and order your own copy of Jolt: a rural noir . And when you are finished reading it, pass it along to someone close. 

Your loved one will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Roberta in Po-Town, On tenderhooks
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