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saturday, july 30, 2011

Progress on Every Side

Really an exciting week what with: Jolt: a rural noir now in ePub form and ready for release as an eBook; the company's new logo ready to go; and the new eAlvaInk.com website near completion. 

At this point the biggest challenge Alva is facing appears to be time management. So much to do. So many irons in the fire, new contacts, increasing outreach, and Yell'n'Tell likely to come together in the near future--just waiting for Don Dyen to send the scans of the illustrations and then--as the text editing is complete--Karen can go to work on the formatting and uploading Yell'n'Tell as a children's eBook.

But for now, do watch for the eAlvaInk.com website publication. It's all new.

We hope you'll like it!

Roberta in Po-Town, Jugglin'

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monday, july 25, 2011

Viewed Jolt: a rural noir as an eBook today

Today, in the quiet of her living room, Roberta M. Roy had the special pleasure of viewing her book, Jolt: a rural noir, as an eBook. No bells rang. No twelve-gun salute filled the air. Just there it was. No bigger than a Nook. Roy thumbed through it, amazed that it could look so good.

Jolt: a rural noir's cover, the map of the imaginary northern American tri-state area in which the story is set, and one or two other pages of the book are presented in a set size. But as to the rest of it, the Nook gave Roy the chance to up or downsize the letters of the pages.

Roy played at changing the letter sizes and found that if she made the print large enough, it might take three full screens to capture just one page of text--great if someone wanted to read and forgot to bring along glasses.

In other, Alva's digital designer, Karen L. Kratch, is developing a new logo for Alva Press, Inc. Roy had pulled the current one together in just minutes to provide Alva one to use on short notice for some letterhead due to go out the next day. But somehow, it lacks pizzazz. So Kratch is going to work up a more stylish one.

Essentially the decision has been, a logo for Alva Press, Inc., and just the service mark for eAlvaInk. The service mark is simply the word eAlvaInk in standard letters. In that way, we think that if the two sit beside one another they will harmonize rather than compete.

But that is not all the good news! eAlvaInk.com's new web site should be ready for first review any day now. Alva's current web site has been developed on-the-go, so to speak, and we think a professional design team will offer Alva a better intergrated and more attractive one. Can't wait!

Also this week Alva expects to receive Don Dyen's scans of his Yell'n'Tell watercolored illustrations. Then Kratch and Roy will go to work on the children's book, Yell'n'Tell. Roy wrote it and Dyen illustrated it.

Don Dyen's quite an artist. His work has won a number of awards. You can view some of Dyen's work and learn more about him at

Roberta in Po-Town, Elated

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saturday, july 16, 2011

On copying, eBooking, and Moving Ever Forward
Moving steadily forward. Alva is purchasing a black and white with color copying machine. It promises to do everything but Alva's laundry--print, scan, copy, accept internet communications, and collate--big help for printouts of submission to facilitate proofing-on-the-run and sharing in group discussions of as to whether or not an article or book is one we want to publish.

Further, Ye Olde Copier should also reduce publicity costs as until now, Alva has been outsourcing print jobs for releases and envelopes. Well, as of next week, no more of that.

eBook publication of Jolt: a rural noir is in the state of almost-ready-to-go. Problem is there was a glitch in the submission of all three requests associated to updating the copyright page so Alva is waiting for clarifications from Bowker re: the ISBN, the Library of Congress re: the LCN, and the copyright bureau re: in which state of revision would the copy be acceptable. But Alva is ready for the download/upload of Jolt: a rural noir any time: even picked up a Kindle for initial viewing of the eBook on an eReader tablet.

As to eAlvaInk, it now has its own page on FaceBook. Currently Alva has just gotten to complete its Information sheet (to get to it, click on Information on the left side of the FB page). And as eAlvaInk is in just an actively waiting state for approval from the USPTO for eAlvaInk's service mark, Alva put up a typed copy of eAlvaInk as the page picture. This will have to serve until such time as eAlvaInk's logo has been fully designed and agreed upon. Please check it out and 'like' it even as it is, for as soon as 25 people do so, Alva will then be able to reduce the length of the url to
www.facebook.com/ealvaink in the same way that Jolt: a rural noir's page can now be accessed using www.facebook.com/joltaruralnoir .

Meantime, Alva's staff of contractors, volunteers, and employees grows. Kathi Massaro is helping with some minor corrections from the first edition of Jolt: a rural noir. Karen Kratch is on site to hammer out general ePublishing questions and concerns re: process and staff role definitions with Roy. Also Alva has some catch-as-catch-can volunteer and paid help making publicity contacts.

As to the copying machine, Stef Ottaviani has agreed to store and manage its use in Gallery Ottaviani
http://www.galleryottaviani.com/ That's because Alva wanted to place it where might also be used by area residents in need of a copier for personal and small business uses. It is anticipated that revenue from the copier will add enormously--or minimally--to Alva's slim coffers.

Currently at Alva, most money flows outward rather than in. But Alva is not in debt to anyone other than Roberta at this time, so life remains pretty much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get proposition. Not bad in these tough times!

BTW: Have you clicked the Hot button on the upper left and ordered your a copy of Jolt: a rural noir ? Or perhaps you are waiting for it as an eBook to be available in Adult and Young Adult (YA) versions.

Roberta in Po-Town, Creative juices flowing
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thursday, july 7, 2011

Am I still a writer?
What an intense, wonderful week!

Moving steadily toward eBooking Jolt: a rural noir while contemplating the purchase of a black and white and color digital copier that can print, copy, fax, and scan. Price comparing and figuring. And tomorrow I begin work with a designer for the purpose of enhancing Alva's eBook publishing power. And we have to figure out how to most efficiently do the follow-up to Alva's first phase of the publicity campaign for Jolt: a rural noir . . . a three hundred piece news release snail mailing to targeted media outlets across the country.

Then in other, Roy's networking skills have improved with much fun results as she sinks further and further into the ranks of writers. Writers, writers everywhere--on FaceBook, added to the Alva's Visiting Writer's page, on LinkedIn, Amazon.com, and SellingBooks.

This week added to the Visiting Writer's page, an excerpt from Lily White Lies by Kathy Reinhardt. Check it out. You may like it--I did.

But no writing beyond the outreach. And no reading beyond the net research.
Is this then a writer publisher's life?

And am I still a writer?

Roberta in Po Town, Ponderin'
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