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saturday, august 27, 2011

A Monkey Wrench in the Works and eReaders

Tuesday was not the best of days. Just as we were ready to publish the ePub and Mobi versions of Jolt: a rural noir to the web, Alva's computer crashed. Result: What is best described as a gray screen. No icons. Nothing. That was a 9:00 a.m.

After a restore and cleaning, by 2:00 most of the files were available, no icons to be found anywhere, and the computer very, very slow. Still, if we could just get those files up, we would do it in the morning.

Wednesday morning came and computer ran even more slowly. However we spent some time restoring files and folders.

Thursday Alva bit the bullet and the computer went in for repair and will be picked up today. Apparently it is working well now so Alva should be ready to start the week with Jolt: a rural noir available for download from the Alva Site. 

Setting a Price: Given the years of writing and preparation while still wanting to encourage its purchase, we've set the price of both the Mobi and the ePub editions at $11.95. The Mobi is compatible with Kindle while the ePub is compatible with Nook and most other eReaders. 

Are you familiar with the workings of eReaders? I have in the more standard versions of both the Nook and the Kindle. Neither has color but as I use them primarily for reading adult chapter books, I don't miss it. Nook has a touch screen and Kindle has text to speech capabilities. Both permit you to enlarge and decrease the size of the text.

Comparing the Nook and Kindle ereaders: While I have no interest in arguing for the superiority of one over the other, I bring these differences up because as a speech language pathologist, I am always looking for the potential for adaptive uses of common items to help meet people's special needs. So right off the bat, here are some pretty broad observations related to the use of eReaders and in particular, the Nook and Kindle:

1. In general, ereaders of all kinds permit enlargement of font size for easier reading. This affects the way in which the text scrolls and how page breaks occur which for me has posed no particular complications.
2. The Nook has a touch screen and may better serve anyone with poor hand coordination; the Kindle has a key board to permit typing.

3. Neither the Nook nor the Kindle are backlit; that would be too hard on the eyes. However, the Kindle has a light for reading in dim light that plugs into its side and when not in use is hidden. When needed, it can be pulled out from the upper right hand corner of the cover where it is stored when not in  use.

4. My version of the Kindle has text to speech capability while the Nook does not. This suggests that as well as being an eReader, the Kindle may be used as a read-along or listening device. 

5. Neither the Nook nor Kindle weigh that much and both are great for traveling especially if you are one of those people who would prefer to have a whole library of books with you rather than just one.

Many people are hooked on one ereader or another other. Some have the Nook, Kindle, or Apple eReader. Others use their Ipad or some newer android onto which they have downloaded one of the eReader apps available from Apple, B&N, Amazon.com, etc. BTW: my use of the term eReader here is meant in a generic way while Apple's eReader is call eReader. With apologies to Apple, I could not find a way to do it better.

Happy eBooking! So whatever your choice, happy eBooking! And do be sure you have your copy of Jolt: a rural noir.

Alva has Jolt: a rural noir for you in Trade paperback and Hard Cover books and ePub, and Mobi eBook editions. Just click above on the Order Now! tab and place your order. The books are available now and eBook editions will be available Monday--unless of course, Irene takes out the power.

Roberta in Po-Town, eBooking!

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monday, august 22, 2011

Alva's Changing Her Booties for Real Shoes

What a dizzying day filled with fun and excitement. Morning found Roberta at WKNY 1490 Kingston, NY, for an interview with Warren Lawrence that went well we're told. Roberta couldn't hear it, but she said she enjoyed doing it very much and that Lawrence was a very gracious host as well as effective interviewer. Just watching the phones light up immediately when a copy of Jolt: a rural noir was offered to the listeners was both heartwarming and reaffirming. Roberta thanks them all for their interest!

Then back at Alva Press, there was wonderful news: Jolt: a rural noir was complete and ready for distribution not only as an ePub eBook, but also as a Mobi. The ePub is compatible with the Nook and the Mobi with Kindle and with the iPad and other androids able to download both applications, why just about anyone who reads eBooks should be able to access Jolt: a rural noir on theirs!

Apologies if it seems like an overuse of exclamation points, but this has been a long time coming. (Note how I did not give in to the use of a third.) 

And perhaps best of all, I am home agaiin--home on the old do-it-yourself Register.com website. Because of that, Alva has her history back: all her broken subsite links are mended. Once again alvapressinc.com/robertamroy and alvapressinc.com/robertamroyonnuclearsurvival are restored. Like a broken heart, all Alva needed was to come back to her old site and go from there.

So what are we doing now at Alva? Well, tomorrow we hope to upload both forms of the eBook into the shopping cart so you can download them at will wherever you are. Yup! Just like B&N and Amazon.com you'll be able to come to Alva, order and eBook, and click a link for it to download to your reader and Voila! you'll have it--page finder, chapter finder, font size changing, image clarity, and all. What more could one ask?

Roberta in Po-Town, Lookin' to tomorrow

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