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sunday, september 25, 2011

Fall Publications and Research and Development at ALVA

Fall promises to be definitely upbeat.

New Publications Kristen Henderson has taken ALVA up on its offer to prepare her book, Drum Machine, as an eBook free of charge. And as you may already be aware, ALVA promises to do the same for two other authors whose manuscripts are accepted. ALVA will then feature them on its website and distribute each on demand in ePub (Nook compatible) and Mobi (Kindle compatible) eBook editions.

Kristen's poetry offers an emotionally powerful impact. I was transfixed by their depth, half a book at a time, back in the days when they were just a pile of loose papers.

But now Kristen has arrived with a carefully edited manuscript of Drum Machine in hand. The question is, which is better: to release Drum Machine as an eBook before Thanksgiving or to wait until the traditional copies are ready in three or four months and release the book and eBook simultaneously?

More anon.

Research and Development ALVA has begun the search for a replacement part-time research and development assistant--probably from Marist as they have well-developed communication arts and digital design programs. ALVA's previous one was a Marist graduate and seemed to have all the skills needed--until school re-opened and she left to start her MFA at Pratt.

Whereas eBook design falls to our digital designer,Victoria, the new assistant will be primarily involved in public relations and outreach.  As for Karen, ALVA's previous digital designer, we trust she is doing well at Pratt and wish her all the best as she pursues her MFA.

In other, as the financial picture has become more complex, the plan is to call in a professional to set up QuickBooks Accountant 2011 so that come the end of the fiscal year the whole place doesn't turn into a tither as we sort through papers and bills. I've already discussed the need with a local accountant and now that ALVA has the needed program, I think I'll call tomorrow and set something up for early next week.

Roberta in Po-Town, Publishing

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sunday, september 18, 2011

Truckin' Again

Wow! Still suffering from the broken links syndrome! Complicated by the fact that school has reopened and I have an almost completely new caseload which can be initially pretty draining. But this week will be better and I hope to begin to blog again more regularly.

For the last couple of years I had been blogging once a week on each of three sites: my personal one, this one, and the one on nuclear survival. But then, in my effort to upgrade ALVA's website by having it redesigned completely by professionals I had to change the web address and use pointers from the old to the new and while I really liked the new design, everything else fell apart. The links to my blogs were broken and blogging in my usual spots became useless.

To counteract the sense of loss I experienced, I began to blog at robertamroy@ wordpress.com. There I have taken the identity of Alva the Indie and am given at times to a certain degree of greater playfulness.  Readership there is increasing slowly and I am still working on getting it right. For instance, it was not until today I found I could embed pictures.

However back here at ALVA, readership is gradually rebuilding but I guess it will take a while to reach its former levels. Ah, well. At least it is growing and I am home again with ALVA. And the hot summer is past and school should be calming down while I am really anticipating the fun of working with emerging writers and even going so far as to hold out a standing offer to publish the three eBooks for three different writers free for distribution from the ALVA website. 

Roberta in Po-Town, Truckin'

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sunday, september 4, 2011

Ten Years Post 9/11: A Real Company at Last

Alva Press, Inc., celebrates the fact that she is a real company at last!

In a trek that began with my search for knowledge as to how I, my loved ones, and finally, the community, might effectively respond to any Mass Event, I researched and wrote Jolt: a rural noir. To further the word on post mass event and general survival techniques, two and a half years ago Alva Press, Inc, became an online entity. My blog at http://alvapressinc.com/robertamroyonnuclearsurvival is the product of that intent. And now ten years post 9/11 ALVA commemorates the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 with the release of Jolt: a rural noir in ePub and Mobi eBook forms and recognizes just how far Alva Press, Inc., has come in the process. 

No longer is Alva a one-person enterprise. ALVA now includes integrated professional support services in the area of technical support, writing and editing, design, public relations, advertising and distribution. And recently ALVA started a small copying service which is housed at Gallery Ottaviani, 214 Hooker Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY. (845) 452-9227.

ALVA aims not only to please the readers and writers of the world, but to the extent it can, to also serve the community.


can now purchase eBooks as well as soft and hard cover traditional forms.


can arrange to have their books and manuscripts converted into eBooks for distribution through the ALVA site and any others they so choose.


As ALVA is yet a very tiny entity with limited resources, its expression of community care is similarly limited. Nonetheless, ALVA reaches out to help in these small ways:

  • READERS - Enjoy the variety of three blogs ALVA supports:The Writer Publisher's WebBlog and Roberta M. Roy's Personal Blog and the Nuclear Survival Blog -- morphed over time into more of a healthy living and general survival informational one.
  • WRITERS - ALVA offers the first three lucky writers who qualify, the opportunity for free book or manuscript conversion of to an eBook for presentation and distribution through ALVA's website.
  • COMMUNITY -  ALVA is committed to dedicating $2 from the sale of each of the next 500 books she sells through the ALVA site to the 'Making Cocoa with Kristina' Fund. The Making Cocoa with Kristina Fund's moneies will go toward the purchase of a motorized wheelchair for the young mother and writer, Kristina Jackson. (See Purchase eBooks and Books Here page for more details.)

Have you heard the song "Turning toward Morning" by Gordon Bok? These years and times since 9/11 have been and remain so much a challenge. And while we are not perhaps quite where we would like to be, signs of hope must always be welcomed.

ALVA is but a small, hopeful sprout in a large universe. But I believe that as long as hope springs anew, new answers will emerge. Not only for ALVA and me and Kristina, but also for you, my gentle reader.

Roberta, In Po-Town, Lookin' toward the Mornin'

*For the complete lyrics to Gordon Bok's song about how the world always turns toward morning, please go to http://ahistoricality.blogspot.com/2005/08/thursday-lyric-turning-toward-morning.html


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