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sunday, october 23, 2011

On Hold and Waiting

September was a rough month for an Indie like ALVA because Roberta M Roy, ALVA's president, was back at full-time speech language therapy with an almost completely new caseload and a bouquet of evaluations to do. Then, come the second weekend in October, she left town to attend a wedding in Raleigh, NC. All of which brings us to the fact that it is only now she has the time and energy to again turn her attentions to ALVA. So what is she up to now?

Well, she is negotiating with an attorney in the hopes of drawing up a clear and reasonable contract for the publication of Kristen Henderson' great book of poetry, Drum Machine. The good news is that she has at located an attorney informed in eBook publishing matters. The challenge however lies in the fact that the cost of legal advice is well outside ALVA's financial means. A response to a letter of solicitation that Roy posted just this morning should move the possibility of finding a workable answer along to a more hopeful level. As such, Roy anticipates--hopes for--an early and encouraging reply.

Roy's search for secretarial support from someone knowledgeable in mass mailings and PR has to date yielded no results from either Marist or New Paltz digital design and communications' majors. Somehow it needs to be reworded. Roy will talk with those in charge of such searches at the schools this week and revise the ads accordingly. Meantime, the designer waits the go-ahead to get Drum Machine ready for release as an eBook while Jolt: a rural noir continues toe be available in eBook, Trade paper back, and hard cover forms from the Buy Now page of this, ALVA's website.

Roberta in Po-Town, On hold and waiting

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sunday, october 9, 2011

ALVA at Critical Developmental Crossroads

The weeks fly. So much to do. Meeting today with digital designer with whom ALVA contracts. Deeply involved in a search for a couple of part time digital design artists to contract with ALVA. One is needed to handle the website and its links and another to do online outreach. Yesterday interviewed a woman with expertise in the area of social media outreach. Meantime, looking for an attorney who is an expert in copyright law and eBook contracts. Wow! This is definitely a critical time in ALVA's development.

Current priority, preparing Kristen Henderson's marvelous book of poetry, Drum Machine, for publication as an eBook.

Roberta in Po-Town, Truckin'

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