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saturday, november 19, 2011

ALVA Update and Thanksgiving Best Wishes!

Happy day! ALVA's found just the PR person it needs to help with getting the word out on progress. Chelsea Vogg has accepted a short term contract to help ALVA with releases and mailings. Chelsea is studying for her Master's but has lots of great experience in PR in the realty industry. Oddly this translates well into the publishing industry as her previous experience also involved newsletter development and distribution. Just since she started last week things are already better in both the research and the mailings departments.Thank you, Chelsea!

This week, however, for both Chelsea and me, Thanksgiving is the priority. Chelsea will celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family; I'm to be the main cook at my son's house. My oldest grandson who is eleven will be sous-chef. This will be his third year in that position. He loves cooking and he and I will spend the morning shoulder to shoulder. My grandson handles everything from peeling and cutting hard boiled eggs for the creamed spinach to mixing thickening for gravy, mashing potatoes, watching the timing, and keeping an eye on the turkey. My son does the stuffing--rich in sausage and nuts--and generally runs interference. My daughter-in-law takes care of the table and hosting. At this point we have it down to a rhythm.

Just nine of us for dinner. No longer the twenty-one I used to have when my parents were around and their grandchildren younger, and all my sisters closer. Nonetheless, still great conversation and the addition some brief multi-generational piano, guitar, and dance performances by those ensembled. And to add the high point to the laughter for the day, finally the competitive games with the Wii--in which one can never really predict the winners a fact which in and of itself offers a particularly grand source of entertainment.

And then, of course, there are the leftovers next day.

Roberta in Po-Town, wishing you a very warm and joyousThanksgiving!



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saturday, november 12, 2011

Revving Up for the New Year!

Having survived a difficult opening to the school year--my caseload burgeons and the paperwork documentation required has been at its worst--dailies, monthlies, and IEPs with an almost all new caseload! The implications of this scenario in a residential setting for emotionally troubled youngsters are several. First, an SLP must document for both the health care and the educational systems. Next, each child new to the caseload requires a review of the records and the collection of new data in order to set of the child's initial forms. And thirdly, many of the new enrollees need evaluations. This semester it was five; this translates into about twenty-five hours of work with only five of them definitely scheduled.


Still, I made it through it. So now ALVA can once again gain more prominence in my schedule.

And it has. Veteran's day gave me the chance to catch up on the ALVA bookkeeping for the year. I worked with a CPA and together we installed and updated QuickBooks Accountant. It's a nice system once one has the hang of it and its use should simplify tax preparation for 2011.

Also I put some time into the search for a PR person to work five hours a week, 3:45-6:16 Mondays and Tuesdays in the ALVA home office in Poughkeepsie. ALVA has a critical need for someone who really understands how to do publicity through the internet.

So if you know of anyone who might be interested in helping ALVA with PR on the net, do give them ALVA's phone number and if the recommended person called, we would be forever indebted and for sure pass along a free copy of Jolt: a rural noir to whomever made the referral. The hours are limited, but, relative to the contractor's skill level, the rate is competitive.

BTW: I read in the paper the other day that many of the jobs being created are being offered by little guys like ALVA--who even with limited budgets manage to reach out.

Also, thanks to the Dutchess County Bar Association Free Clinic, I was able get the legal advice I needed to draft a contract for the publication of Kristen Henderson's wonderful book of poetry. The plan now is to release Drum Machine early next year. Very exciting! I can't wait! And neither can Kristen! Our intent is to release both the paperback and the eBook of it at the same time.

So you see, I really have remained dedicated to building ALVA--just too involved to find the time to keep up with my blogging. But this intensity should be letting up now. So do watch for more regular updates. I am going to try for once a week on this blog only, with my personal blog and my one on nuclear survival not forgotten, just lesser priorities at this time.

Roberta in Po-Town, Chuggin'

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