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wednesday, february 22, 2012

George Washington's Birthday 2012

ALVA Press continues to expand its capabilities.

  • Thanks to Chelsea Vogg in Public Relations, ALVA's weekly newsletter distribution now is available to an estimated five thousand potential readers.
  • Also, ALVA Press has announced that Kristen Henderson's fine book of poetry, Drum Machine, in ePub (Nook) and ePDF (Kindle) forms will be available by the end of February--not only on ALVA's, its publisher's site, but ALVA Press will release it also to most major distributor sites including Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore, Amazon.Kindle, Indie bound, and Lybrary.com.
  • Distribution for Roberta M Roy's, Jolt: a rural noir, will this month expand to those same nearly eighty major distributor sites and should be available for purchase through them for purchase by March 1, 2012
  • ALVA has also been in communication regarding editing with an eye to publishing with ALVA for at least three writers new to ALVA, two of whom have books already available in bookstores and libraries. The service has been so appreciated that it has led to ALVA formally making available to author's with manuscripts of one hundred thousand words and under the chance to have a professional read-through and critique with suggestions for preparation for publishing for a flat fee of $499 payable to ALVA Press, Inc. with turn around time typically of less that two weeks. 
  • Further, ALVA has initiated an effort for joint book signings with Karl Puttlitz, author of Red, White, and Boom. Puttlitz' book addresses the likelihood of nuclear terrorism, hers addresses the question of effectiv emergency response in the event of a nuclear meltdown and dirty bombs.
  • Regretfully, however, and somewhat to Roberta's chagrin,Alva the Indie continues to confound ALVA office mates at robertamroy.wordpress.com
  • But Roberta has decided to do more interviews at the robertamroy.wordpress.com site--just like the one she did with Michael Edward McNally of Norothian Cycle fame. And if only to keep Alva the Indie out of trouble, Roberta has sent Alva out on the prowl to find more authors for interviewing.
  • (Given, however, Alva's lack of reliability, interested authors may also use the site contact us page to talk with Roberta for consideration of appearing as her interviewee on wordpress.com.)

Roberta, In Po-Town, Celebrating George Washington's Birthday

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saturday, february 4, 2012

Catching Up

ALVA Press, Inc. efforts to expand services have been all consuming this last month leaving little time for other than the absolute essentials. And while blogging can be a publisher's essential, this past month it fell pretty far down the list of priorities. That's because between this blog and the last one two important things occurred: the distribution of the ALVA weekly newsletter was regularized and agreement was reached for the distribution of ALVA's eBooks on some seventy plus distributor sites including, B&N, Apple, Sony, Kobol, Borders, and Diesel, to name a few.

Newsletter Distribution: Newsletter distribution now runs a constant of about two thousand emails per week, eighty per cent of which are radio, television, newspaper, magazine, and online blogger addresses. Newsletter reception has been positive with a number of readers not only opening the mail but writing ALVA with congratulations on some of the various bits of news.

Kudos to Chelsea for her reliability and skill and to Roberta for pulling it together.

dBook Distribution Expansion: The first title to benefit from the new eBook distribution expansion will be Jolt: a rural noir, the cover design of which will now include the image of the sticker that celebrates its receipt of the Jenkins 2011 Living Now Award in Inspirational Fiction

Reviews and Interviews: In other, news has come in of the MidWest Book Review Small Press Bookshelf having given Jolt: a rural noir a rave review on its Mystery and Suspense Shelf, referring to it as a page-turning thriller. www.midwestbookreview.com/sbw/nov_11.htm#Mystery/Suspense

Also, Michael Edward McNally provided Roberta M Roy with a really great interview that brought in a goodly number of congratulatory communications. http://sablecity.com/2012/01/31/tag-line-tuesday-with-roberta-m-roy

Upcoming New Release: On the publishing front, Kristen Henderson's book, Drum Machine, goes to press to be released first as an eBook. So do check back and if you have not done so already, sign up for the newsletter which will for the first 30 days offer a 10% discount on copies of the eBook of Drum Machine when ordered through this website.

Roberta in Po-Town, Lookin' up!

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