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wednesday, may 9, 2012

ALVA's Cookin'

It's spring and ALVA's roots are definitely deepening.

To start with, ALVA's staff of talented people has expanded. What with Chelsea Vogg distributing the Newsletter and the talented and insightful Joan Schweighardt on hand to respond to the bulk of the editing, we are definitely beginning to perk. However the good news is that this week Alyssa Schaad signed on as designer and thanks to her pleasant ways and Bachelor's in Design, we were able to quickly resolve the glitch in the ALVA site eBook distribution function. (So do, if you have not done so already, be sure to order a copy of Jolt: a rural noir and Drum Machine.)

And do watch for the upcoming release of Carl Waldman's mystery thriller, Streetscape, and Lorna Tychostup's Tales from the Revolution. If you love American history, you will recognize Waldman as the author of the Encyclopedia of Native Americans, and if you are from the Hudson Valley in New York, you will know Tychostup for her peace activism and marvelous photojournalism as the former Editor-in-Chief of the Chronogram.

As for ALVA's weekly newsletter, by exploring the skills, talents, and personalities of all the various kinds of people who help turn ideas into books, our nationwide readership grows steadily. To date the Newsletter has featured Michael Edward McNally, 'serious fantasy' writer and author of the Norothian Cycle; Stephen Hise, innovator and key editor for Indies Unlimited; Patricia Hubbell, poet and author of some thirty children's books; and Kristen Henderson, eLit Gold Medalist in poetry and author of Drum Machine. Next issue will feature editor David Antrobus (Dissolute Kinship: A 9/11 Road Trip) who will discuss "The Editing Challenge." 

To sign up for the Newsletter, click the link at the top left of our home page and add your contact information. By doing so you will not only receive the weekly ALVA Newsletter you will also be eligible to receive a 10% discount on ALVA purchases.

Looking forward to sharing with you!

Roberta, In Po-Town




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