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saturday, july 28, 2012

Catchin' Up with the Present at ALVA

I'm just so delighted to have today published our revamped and updated version of the ALVA Press website--and with yet more improvements to come! What we have tried to do, Alyssa Shaad and I, has been to simplify the wording of the site as well as to make it more user friendly. To do this, for the most part the verbiage has been mine and the website improvements Alyssa's. So today as I had prepped the written matter, Alyssa added the drop downs, and then together we have consulted over the course of several days and a number of hours to make sure that the products of our separate labors really worked together.

So today we put the final touches on the Home Page and the Buy Now Page, deleted a third page and put up a totally new one. As we did so, we sat together and suggested to each other ways to improve them. During that time, we both talked design and wording--our roles had merged. As a result each of us brought more objectivity than we might have been able to achieve working alone.

Not that it was easy, however. For instance it took us many minutes of discussion and trial and error to find the best way to phrase and order the drop downs and format the new Publish and Distribute Through ALVA page. Yet when we sat to do it we each had thought it would be quickly done, after all, the text was ready and we had already agreed to use three columns.

Wrong! Fonts, colors, titles, breaks, order, emphasis, etc., etc., abruptly all came into play. 

But hey! We did it. At least for now.

 Or until another book is released or Chelsea has prepared a complete list of all the names and links to ALVA's distributor/retailers and we then decide to add them to the site.

And now, of course, there is the weekly ALVA Newsletter that Chelsea, Alyssa, and I all work on. And each week it needs content, formatting, and a distribution analysis.

Ah, well. Luckily we all love what we do and we all share in the satisfaction of sitting back and saying, "Hey. That's nice. It's really nice."

So do join us and check out the alvapressinc.com site and if you get chance, drop us a line to let us know what you think.

And thanks so much!

Roberta in Po-Town 

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wednesday, july 4, 2012

July 4, 2012: ALVA Press Celebrates the Positives!

At the ALVA Offce: Thanks to Alyssa Schaad, ALVA's website effectiveness improves steadily. Schaad's work is mostly behind the web, so to speak, not unusual for the tech side of the industry. Meanwhile the work of Chelsea Vogg is also appreciated as she so efficiently keeps ALVA responsive to its ever growing mailing demands. And for those who would care to watch, Roberta M Roy (Robin) has to laugh at herself as she juggles her various roles as publisher, mentor, and general sweep in charge of cleaning up any missed pieces. 

Among ALVA Authors:

Kristen Henderson's eLit Gold Medal book of poetry Drum Machine is now available in ebook at ALVA on the Order Here page and soft cover hard copy by email order through ALVA's contact page. Also, if you are in the area, the hard copy of Drum Machine (DM) may be purchased at the Cherry Branch Gallery in Cherry Valley, NY. However, regardless of how you obtain your copy, you will find DM to be well worth the small investment.

Carl Waldman's delightfully intrigueing noir mystery involving the wanders and exploits of a homeless recovering druggy turned bootstrap operation detective, Jake Soho, will keep the YA/A mystery reader both amused and in suspense as Jake's determination to keep straight and solve the Raven mystery drags him up and down the East coast of North America. Watch for Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery available later this month in eBook form from this site.

Lorna Tychostup's heart wrenching poetry from Tales of the Revolution is also to go for eBooking this week to be released about the same time as Carl Waldman's, Streetscape, A Jake Soho Mystery: July 15--Bastille Day in Paris, France--also a Celebratory Hurray for ALVA Press Day here as ALVA prepares to release the next three writers' works to be announced as soon as the contracts are completely in place.

Roberta M Roy, ALVA's anchor and herself a medalist in Inspirational Fiction from the Jenkins Living Now Awards 2011 for her timeless novel, Jolt: a rural noir, reminds us that it, too, is available in both book and eBook here at ALVA. Jolt: a rural noir is set in an imaginary Northern USA tri-state area faced with the sequellae to a nuclear meltdown. In it, residents of a small mountain village struggle to survive the population explosion caused by the meltdown's forced emigrants. When the village's population is more than doubled by families fleeing the effects of the meltdown, the villager's resources are stretched beyond limits. Winter approaches and the risks associated with nuclear contamination and unsanitary conditions threaten. In this thrilling story of loss and rebirth no one is left unchanged--neither the lovers Thaw and Natalie, Martha the librarian, nor the Matters boys, forced to survive by taking to the road alone.

ALVA Image: Alva continues to refine and clarify its image as a publisher willing to work with authors in a joint venture to ensure that any works the authors and ALVA bring to readers offer well structured and edited rich content. Authors who publish with ALVA are share pride in having received ALVA's stamp of approval. That said, readers can feel assured that regardless of genre, this joint author publisher Indie effort brings you nothing but the best in reading pleasure. 

Happy July Fourth! And Happy Reading with ALVA!

Robin in Po-Town 


Please note: Due to the crush at the ALVA office, this blog can only be updated about once monthly.



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