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sunday, august 19, 2012

ALVA Green Tomatoes Run Off

ALVA is planning its first annual writers' ALVA Green Tomatoes Run-Off

The winner of the ALVA Green Tomatoes will be invited to free publication by ALVA Press, Inc. The winner will win all and any preparatory services necessary to go to publication at no charge. Services available could include a read-through with critique, general edit, line edit, text formatting, cover design, eBook publication, listing on the ALVA website, and worldwide eBook distribution through other major distributors. (See home page for discussion of services.) Our thinking?

                                                                    "ALVA Green Tomato Today, Tomorrow a Great ALVA Book!"

ALVA would like your input as to what should be the criteria for selection and what categories of books should be considered.

To respond to this, please either use the comment line below or the email system available on the contact us page. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Roberta in Po-Town, Tendin' the ALVA garden

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saturday, august 4, 2012

List of ALVA Book Distributors Posted

Thank you, Chelsea, for your careful research in confirming that indeed Drum Machine by Kristen Henderson and Jolt: a rural noir by yours truly, Roberta M. Roy, were really up on all the sites ALVA lists as being among its distributors. With the sites confirmed, I was then able to move ahead and list them authors interested in self-publishing with ALVA--just snuck them in beneath the list of services on the ALVA home page.

Coming soon to the ALVA Visiting Writers Page are excerpts from Carl Waldman's intrigueing mystery featuring the footloose travels of a homeless man as he follows intrigue along the American East Coast and a second selection by poet Lorna Tychostup from Tales from the Revolution. Alyssa and I will try to get them up as quickly as possible as I would like you to get a taste of the writing styles of Waldman and Tychostup even before the books are released in a week or two.

In other, the newsletter continues to go out weekly to more than two thousand recipients across the country. This week the edition features Part III of several articles on the very visible Beat poet Charles Plymell as researched in recent emails forwarded to me by him, some of which were written directly to me and others of which were part of other strands of emails between himself and others--not the easiest task I've taken on recently. Hopefully the audience response to it will be positive.

Roberta in Po-Town, Stayin' in the A/C

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