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sunday, december 30, 2012

2012-2013: On the Cusp

As I continue to experience 2012, my thoughts split at a fork, one road leads to my business and personal life, the other to the larger world. The sun shines. I've showered, bobbed my hair, and had my coffee. Shoveled sidewalks checker the world beyond my window. And on the horizon the threat of a fiscal slope which if not avoided promises to slide the middle class (and the economy) just a wee bit down a nasty financial run. One cannot help but hope that those to the right will see the light and join the Congress in preventing what might amount to disasterous slippage. The vote's not in however I remain optimistic.

But then there is the growing network of writers gradually assembling within and around ALVA Press, Inc. as it slowly but steadily expands its roots as cooperative publishing company that emphasizes quality editing, design, and literature. Let me share a few 2012 milestones.

  • Published three eBooks: Drum Machine by Kristen Henderson, Tales from the Revolution by Lorna Tychostup, and Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery by Carl Waldman bringing our tally to four eBooks released to date.
  • Drum Machine by Kristen Henderson was awarded a Gold Medal in Poetry in the International eLit Awards sponsored by Jenkins. Congratulations, Kristen!
  • Barnes and Noble has been featuring two of ALVA's books in its turn of the year online ads: Jolt: a rural noir by yours truly and Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery by Carl Waldman.
  • Helmy Parlente Kusuma won the Green Tomatoes Novelists Runoff. His charming young adult/adult coming of age story will be released early in 2013.
  • Yesterday Betty Hampel's manuscript for her action-filled novella Trauma arrived for early publication in 2013. Also expected later in the year is the release of a compilation of interviews and essays by Roberta M Roy (me again), a second novel by Betty Hampel called Once a Gypsy, and two illustrated children's books.

As for family, my wonderful three grandsons will turn 13, 12, and 9. My son, Stef Ottaviani, has agreed to do cover design for ALVA. He's just great! And, life in general is good all 'round.

Roberta in Po-Town wishing you and yours all the best in the New Year 2013!

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sunday, december 9, 2012

Nothing's Free

It troubles me when other eBook publishers advertise free publication of any and all eBooks they distribute--something common sense tells us simply cannot be. So how then can they make such statements? Simple. They count themselves in as a distributor, take their cut, and offer authors 'free eBooking and 100% of the net."

How is it that ALVA doesn't say the same? Perhaps in time it will. But for now, in a very upfront way, ALVA sees itself as an author-publisher cooperative and makes the simple offer of splitting the net after all other distributors get their cut. This means that for any books sold through the ALVA website, the author's cut is larger.

Meantime ALVA lists books on its website and its distributors' websites world wide as a service, advertises releases free in its weekly newsletters, and provides Digital Rights Protection/Management against easy piracy and thoughtless excessive sharing that could cut into an author's sales potential.

Just having your book listed in the ALVA newsletters--distributed nationwide to members of the media, librarians, and interested readers--has got to be a plus.

So if you are thinking of going the free route, please reconsider. ALVA is as free in cost to an author as it gets. And when you publish with ALVA you are assured your wishes will be met as guaranteed in a written contract of agreement.

Those who publish with ALVA know their eBooks are treated with the utmost of respect and care throughout the editing and design process. And of special importance each eBook is released protected by the Digital Rights Management (DRM) system which we built into every eBook purchased.

Authors are wise to publish with ALVA. ALVA's safe, responsive, and offers the best in structuring a definition of just what is the author's net.

Roberta in Po-Town

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