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sunday, february 3, 2013

Banking on the Groundhog

With the groundhog's promise of an early spring, two books designed to be released in the next month, a children's book to be out by June, and a fourth young adult mystery in the works, ALVA is definitely looking good in 2013.

Me being a speech language clinician by days by definition suggests my intent to be a hopefully positive force, still no matter, nothing beats the kick of sharing an author's excitement when his or her book is about to be released!

Yup, all that work completed in something as an act of faith in the notion that one day someone would value their work enough to put it out there to enjoy the stamp of approval inherent in a publisher's willingness to affiliate with the author's work, the author's name, so others might read it. I know for Carl, Kristen, and me it took us each about seven years to write our books while none of ALVA's other releases took less than at least a few years to write.

When an independent press is as small as is ALVA, working with us is akin to joining a family. While only two of ALVA's authors live near one another and are friends, all of them are familiar with me and at least a few of ALVA's dedicated contributors to the publication process.

And just who are we who work to pull it together? Well, there's Joan Schweighardt who has been with ALVA since the git-go. Most of the first edits and some of the final edits are hers. Then for a while Chelsea Vogg was building out social network and beta testing and distributing the newsletter . . . until she met the love of her life and he took precedence. Since then Alyssa Schaad picks up the slack for newsletter design while I still write it . . . with the help of Alyssa for eTech articles and various authors who are kind enough to interview with me. And then, after either Joan or I do the final read through and/or edit, Alyssa and I design the text and Stef Ottaviani does the cover design. To date, Stef had input into the Jolt: a rural noir cover but more recently he designed the covers for Mementoes of Mai and Odd Road Out, both of which I love for their originality and appropriateness which is one of the reasons we're very excited he has agreed to come on board to lend us his artful eye in this most important area. So there you have it. The authors write and we all edit, proof, design, and publish, all of which without a team approach that combines idea sharing and well-honed skills, ALVA's progress would be much less steady . . . and much less fun!

And because the ALVA crew take pleasure in working together and turning a manuscript into a book or eBook to be shared with the world, once an author's book is ready for design and publication it is usually not more than a few weeks before it is ready and can be sent off for publication as an eBook, book, or both. 

Once it is sent for publication, as we await the book or eBook's release, the author, Joan, Alyssa, Stef, and I hang out and warm our hands by the fire, eager to review the first proofs. And once they arrive, worldwide release as an eBook may take another two weeks while publication and release in book form is likely to take a few more.

But it is during those times I most get that sense of a family--although the feeling does tend to persist for a while as by then we all know the author and he or she knows us as well as something about our interests and styles of communication.

And as for right now, what I can't believe is that ALVA's offer of free eBook publication is stll out there for three lucky authors with manuscripts ready to go. To be selected by ALVA for eBook publication under those terms is a gift for which no one has yet applied this year! Essentially the offer is this: Pay for the services to bring the manuscript up to snuff or submit a manuscript that is already well-edited and formatted and ALVA will prepare it as an eBook and distribute it worldwide at no initial cost!

Not too shabby.

Know any authors in need of a boost? Perhaps the free eBooking offer would just drop the gate enough for them to get their books out there.

Roberta in Po-Town, Smiling




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