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friday, april 5, 2013

Going Green! ALVA the Indie Publisher's Appeal
At alvapressinc.com, we are looking for the support of family and friends to help get Carl Waldman's Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery  on the Barnes and Noble Best Sellers List.

Your support will help promote ALVA's success as a publishing company, boost book sales and provide you with a wonderful opportunity to read a charmingly compelling mystery!!!

For just $9.34, wouldn't it be fun to watch it rise on The B&N Chart knowing you made the difference? 

Much appreciated! Robin
1. Go to http://www.barnesandnoble.com/
2. Search for ALVA Press Inc; then:Click on the Streetscape cover image. To Download a Sample, Buy Now, or send as a gift, just click on the selection of your choice and follow the directions for payment and delivery. Of course, you can always select one of Alva's other amazing book publications like Helmy Kusuma's Mementoes of Mai ($4.24)

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wednesday, april 3, 2013

Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Whoops! Somehow missed the chance to blog in March--but then April does have a pleasant feel to it . . . what with spring in the air and our 2013 IPPY entries completed. Hopefully some one (or more) of the authors ALVA has published will place. Not that all of them entered, but hey! Worth a try isn't it? If only for the chance to stand together with all those other wonderful authors and publishers at the awards ceremony held at the Providence in NYC! Having had the luck to have been included there for the Living Now Awards in 2011, I assure you it was truly the most thrilling day of my life! I can just imagine just what an even larger thrill it would be to be there for the 2013 IPPYs!!

Meantime, ALVA advances. Helmy Parlente Kusuma's Mementoes of Mai and Betty Hampel's Odd Road Out have been released and the use of widgets for page turning and book browsing has been introduced onto the ALVA Buy Now Page. Then on the chance that it might bring some free publicity to ALVA's best selling book, Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery by Carl Waldman or Mementoes of Mai, one of the ALVA new releases, for the month of April we are encouraging readers to purchase copies of either from the ALVA Press Inc page at B&N . The eBooks may be more expensive there -- $9.34 and $4.24-- than they are from ALVA. Also ALVA's percentage may be smaller. But if we can get Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery on the Best Selling Nook Book list there, it would boost name recognition for the book. As for its author, most Native American history buffs already are well-familiar with the name of Carl Waldman.

Looking forward for ALVA 2013, much is to be expected. Betty Hampel is on the final edit of her action-filled YA/Adult novel, Once a Gypsy. We luck ALVA will be able to release Once a Gypsy in June. One of our soon to be announced new authors is hard at work polishing up a children's picture book on emotional growth and healing. And also in the offing, but too soon to announce are another mystery, a book of poetry, and three more illustrated children's books. And with any luck, a book of humor.

Who could ask for anything more?

Roberta, In Po-Town, Happy

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