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tuesday, may 21, 2013

Heat's On . . .

And ALVA's cookin' . . .

Children's Picture Books

ALVA is preparing to publish two illustrated children's books for preschool and primary school-aged children. The first charmingly illustrated picture book, The Healing Patch, is written by Catherine Caminero. The Healing Patch is a child's self-help book to positive personhood that features six identifiable aspects of health: Bravery, Creativity, Happiness, Love, Communication, and Purpose. Each is represented by a different plant and color or colors of the spectrum.

The second illustrated children's book, by yours truly, Yell'n'Tell, finds ALVA at the plate ready to complete the illustrations needed to bring this anti-bullying book to life.

The Healing Patch should be ready for release in August and Yell'n'Tell in September.

YA/Adult Full Length Action Novel

In other, the final draft of Betty Hampel's action-packed YA/A novel,  Once a Gypsy should be in within the month.

Website Enrichment

However ALVA's publishing challenges do keep us on our toes. A particular nagging one is figuring ways to get those who visit the ALVA Press, Inc., website to use the various chances to click around the site.

Those familiar with the alvapressinc.com site are comfortable with the use of tabs and underlined words to open the inner aspects of a page.  Newees,  however, may miss the chance to review the Testimonials' dropdowns or fail to open and complete the Writer's Interest Survey, both of which can be accessed from the middle of the home page.

Branding and Community Outreach

ALVA continues to expand it branding and advertising outreach. Currently ALVA is enjoying a Banner in the Arts amd Culture/Books and Authors section and a directory eBook publishing listing in chronogram.com, as well as an ad in the Clearwater Festival Flyer. So do check them out!

And do enjoy the long weekend!

Roberta in Po-Town . . . Off to the Adirondacks!

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sunday, may 5, 2013

The IPPY's

Wouldn't it be nice if one of the ALVA books took an IPPY?

All but one category has been announced: Juvenile/YA.

ALVA has three YA novels we are cheering for: Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery, Mementoes of Mai, and Odd Road Out.

And so we wait.

Roberta M. Roy, Hopeful in Po-Town

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