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wednesday, august 21, 2013

New Horizons for ALVA

While ALVA's senior public relations person and I get our plans in order, Alyssa, Andrew, and I continue to work toward upgrading the website. To this end we have effected some changes:

In regard to the ALVA website:

1. Rudimentary buttons that provide for legibility of the page titles have been put up on the site.
2. Some of the page wording has been reduced or embedded.
3. Progress has been made in finding a narrower template with left side buttons for use with the updated website

Team building:

1. Now all of us in the ALVA office have some familiarity with the workings of the current website which should help with teaming for the site updating.
2. A system has been put in place for face-to-face sharing of information and updates during times spent on site with ALVA with Robin as its facilitator.
3. An atmosphere of cooperative, joint site development continues to be the mode of the day.

Once again I am sensing the excitement of being on a new frontier in ALVA development . . . for which I thank all the ALVA digital design and public relations team!

Roberta in Po-Town, Rockin'

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