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wednesday, september 11, 2013

9/11/13 Twelve Years Later

Twelve years ago today the attack on the Twin Towers . . .  the impetus for me to research and write Jolt: a rural noir. Truly a labor of love. A hand offered to those concerned about nuclear meltdowns. Not to mention a hint to the need to close down Indian Point. And in the interim it has not been until this last year or so that reactors are beginning to be closed.

Just days ago Vermont Yankee became the first nuclear power plant in the USA to close due to, among other things, concerns related to its spewing out nuclear waste into the Connnecticut River.

According to TruthDig Vermont Yankee announcement becomes the fifth shutdown declaration since 2013. When it closes in 2014 it will reduce the number of licensed reactors in the USA from 104 to 99.  Also, according toTruthDig, "As many as seven more proposed U.S. reactors have been canceled since January, turning the much-hyped "nuclear renaissance" into a rapidly rising rout. Upgrades at five other reactors have also been canceled."

Of interest to us in the Hudson Valley of New York State is TruthDig's statement and my own review of the local papers, that the  double-reactor complex at Indian Point "remains under intense political fire as water and other permits there and at the upstate Fitzpatrick reactor are being bitterly contested in Albany."

And . . . I apologize for the over reliance on one source and invite you to research the accuracy of the reporting . . .but due to the warming of the Cape Cod cooling water, TruthDig also stated that the Pilgrim reactor at Plymouth, south of Boston, recently had to reduce power while a reactor on Lake Michigan has been linked to cancer.

Given the above, I'm glad I decided to celebrate our growth in community awareness of how to respond to mass events . . . including meltdowns . . . even if my key original concern, Indian Point Power Plant remains open. 

I can only remain optimistic that it, too, will soon be closing, especially given it is the oldest and most degraded plant in the USA . . . and so close to NYC. Meantime I believe that now is the time for NYS to order the building the cement casings it will need to hold the Indian Point nuclear waste for it is going to take many many years before it becomes degraded enough to be safe. Meantime . . .


Roberta in Po-Town, Remembering

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