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sunday, december 15, 2013

Looking Back . . . and Forward . . . with Pride

ALVA looks with pride at its talented and eclectic group of poets, novelists, historians, and children's illustrated book researchers and writers. It's reaching the point where one can do one stop holiday shopping for the whole family regardless of their reading preferences!

~ALVA started with the publication of Roberta M Roy's scifi novel developed around the notion that if people were informed enough and worked together, community healing after a nuclear meltdown was possible. Jolt: a rural noir remains great reading for any dedicated citizen who dares to ask, "What might I do for my family and the community if there were a nuclear meltdown down wind of us?" Medalist in Inspirational Fiction in the 2011 Jenkins Living Now Awards, Jolt: a rural noir remains as relevant and vital today as it was two years ago . . . and as our nuclear power plants continue to age, perhaps even more so.

~The title of Kristen Henderson's Drum Machine belies the depth of human feeling communicated through her tightly written, lyric poems as the lead you through the throes of facing life's challenges and taking them on one at a time and coming up whole. With Drum Machine Henderson was honored with the Gold Medal in Poetry in the 2011 International eLit Awards.

~As for Lorna Tychostup, creator of the passionate poems found in Tales from the Revolution, this year the documentary on her political activism, Bordering on Treason, directed by Trish Dalton was awarded the Best Short Documentary at the Big Apple Film Festival 2013! Congratulations, Trish Dalton and Lorna Tychostup! 

~Jean Arleen Breed's book of poetry, Adirondack Paper Girl . . . just as with all her other books . . . continues to sell at a clip.

~Catherine Caminero has put up her own website to celebrate the beauty of her first illustrated children's book, The Healing Patch: A Child's Guide to Happiness. Worth a look if you'd like to meet the essential Catherine Caminero, check it out at www.Thehealingpatch.us

~Carl Waldman and Chris Campbell's charmingly illustrated 70 page eBook/Book, Sharon Springs Timeline: A Microcosm of American History, with Dates Relating to a Remarkable Village and Neighboring Regions, from the 16th Century to Modern Times, will delight the hearts of history buffs and area residents alike. Reading it was a short cut through American history illuminated by a surprising number of shakers and movers when one considers the limited size of the area on which the book focuses.

~Betty Hampel's fourth and most mature novel, Once a Gypsy, will be released this week. Below a few quotes to suggest the tenor of Hampel's story:

A quote from the heiress and central character herself:

Mother said the face of Destiny wears many masks: that Fate & Fortune move in full disguise.  I believe her words were true, for the future came to me bearing British postage.                                   

  ~ Cassandra Marcella Connelly, ‘Cassie,' Brooklyn, New York

A sample that illustrates the lyric quality of Hampel's writing:

The soggy soil clutched at my shoes, sought to mire my footsteps, suck me down into its foul smelling dampness.  Long night shadows stalked the graveyard and only a blood red glow to the west gave evidence of a sun now set.  The air had chilled, and I shivered in my summery dress.

A hint as to the direction of Once a Gypsy: It all seemed ridiculous, unnecessary, unrealistic: the premonitions of impending doom; the nightmares, the warning bells, and especially the episodes on the moor and with Mother's Crystal Ball, although the latter had proved itself to be completely correct in at least one important instance . . .

 ~~~~I am so proud that ALVA represents so many talented and dedicated writers!

Roberta in Po-Town

Wishing you a very Merry Holiday Season!


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