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friday, february 21, 2014

ALVA Invites Authors to Submit Manuscripts for No Cost Publication

It's a very exciting time for me to witness ALVA having matured into a press that because it has 'gone traditional' no longer offers self-publishing.

Yet ALVA continues to revel in its commitment to "Cherish the Author . . . Delight the Reader!"

ALVA's standard for excellence was set with its first two publications: Jolt: a rural noir by yours truly, which took the Bronze in Inspirational Fiction in the 2011 Jenkins Living Now Awards and Kristen Henderson's book, Drum Machine, which took the Gold Medal in Poetry in the 2011 Jenkins eLit Awards. Thereafter, despite continuing to offer "self-publishing," ALVA accepted only one it two submissions. And of those accepted, half were accepted only after Read Throughs and Final Line Edits. However now ALVA is happy to announce that its base has stabilized to the point where it is ready to continue its standard of excellence as a traditional publisher, publishing  both eBooks and Books at no cost for manuscripts so accepted.

Further ALVA's distribution services for eBooks has expanded to include in addition to the ALVA website, those of Amazon.com, B&N, and Kobo.

Distribution fee for all four sites is ten dollars a month or one hundred and twenty dollars a year. (And for authors mentioning they read about the new arrangement in this block, for the month of March 2013, manuscripts accepted for publication will pay only one hundred dollars annual distribution fee. So do submit now.)You will not find a better offer anywhere.

Roberta in Po-Town, Truckin'

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