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Alva Press has been invaluable in the process of readying my manuscript for publication, as well as seeing it all the way through to the finished product. At each step, Roberta Roy was supportive, informative, and downright enthusiastic! Simply put, I could not have imagined a more personally rewarding experience for the publication of my first book. I look forward to working with Alva Press for many years to come. -- Kristen Henderson, Author, Drum Machine

As a newcomer in this industry, I have greatly benefited from ALVA's quick response and guidance. I learned a lot throughout the editing, design, and eBook publishing process. Bravo ALVA! Keep up the good work! -- Life, Love, and Light -- Helmy Parlente Kusuma, Mementoes of Mai.

Every writer needs an editor, and Alva offers talented people to help make a manuscript stronger. Alva also offers sharp-eyed production people to make a book more visually pleasing. And writers need technical assistance in this digital age for both traditional and electronic books. After publication, promotion of ones own project when self-publishing is daunting beyond Facebook postings; with shared publishing, Alva helps get ones work out there, placing it on various sites and seeking out reviews and competitions. Then there's psychological support nothing like encouragement from a publisher for a writer struggling with a manuscript. In addition to support, Alva Press is about collaboration. With the biggies, after submission of a manuscript, an author is like an employee; with Alva, the author is a true partner with a voice in all aspects of the project editorial, design, and promotion. Writers, your books are your babies help nurture them even after early, lonely drafts...go with Alva! -- Carl Hand Waldman, Author Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery



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