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Helmy Kusuma Winner of the 2012 ALVA Novelist Runoff!
Helmy Kusuma confirms his place of birth as being Palembang, Indonesia, the 16th century capital of the Kingdom of Srivijaya. Although Kusuma does not believe he is of royal lineage, he does report spending his childhood "dreaming fantasy lands, exotic planets, and super cool spaceships instead of toiling on the land and herding cattle like the rest of the family." As a young adult, he spent the next "decade mastering the art of piloting the Enterprise" and has been "travelling to faraway galaxies ever since." Between missions, Kusuma says that to avoid encounters with angry aliens and to write, much of the time he skulked inside his private quarters.

Mementoes of Mai is Kusuma's first novel.With it he invites the reader to follow him through some of the beautiful and defining moments in his life--over the rivers and within the coves of Viet Nam and across the sea to Bali and Jakarta.

ALVA and Kusuma are currently off to the polishing, designing, publication, and world wide distribution of Mementoes of Mai . . . more anon.

As I Watch You Sleeping
Helmy Kusuma
It was minutes before the dawn
When bunnies were meandering the lawn,
And the cock was preparing to adorn
The morning that was yet to born.
The misty cold wind gushed swiftly
Yet you were steady,
Unmoved by the notion,
Undisturbed by the supplication.
You are innocent,
As I watch you, sleeping.
Helmy Kusuma makes his home in Jakarta Utara, Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth most populace nation in the world. There Kusuma writes in both English and Indonesian.
Kusuma has published two novellas: Mementoes of Mai and Cinta 3 Sisi; a thriller short story, 'There is Hope', and a collection of flash fictions, A Flash of Inspiration.
He can be found at