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Love Poem

Lorna Tychostup


The night's I sleep with you between my legs

- your absence as profound as your presence -

I dream of jungle rivers,

bloodied swimming pigs,

sunlit mountain waterfalls,

those three colorful bodies swirling facedown in the water,

cool nights and steamy days.

Sounds and smells bring you close to me...

the roar of a bus,

the Chinese takeout's kitchen emissions,

good poetry...


The poets here have nothing political to say.

Their tongues are caught fingering their egos

in this freedom called consumerism.

Even the best ones drink your coffee,

eat your bananas,

your piñas...

while moaning about their loves,

their meager lives,

their never enoughedness.


And you...

you stand there asking for freedom to live,

to grow your crops,

to work your land,

to live with without the corporate prostitution of your people

and the army that would kill them all for a few barrels of oil.


There was a time here when the people fought,

took out their pens and carved pages leading others to freedom.

That was before the sedatives arrived...

T.V., alcohol, sex and other opiates.


What drives me to write are others that do

            but say nothing

Academic hooha, playing with forms, iambs, tercets...

killing all emotion.


And there is so much to say.


And what began as a love poem has eroded to this...

You ask me from your mountainous perch so far away,

- your soul well hidden from those who would stop your breath -

Am I angry?

And I would answer yes -

at your absence from my life,

which makes it all the more meager

at the vision of a moon I watch alone wondering if you can see it as I do...


And I would prefer to stand within your heat,

to smell the salt of your ocean,

to wrap myself around the howlers shrieking

through the moon's full night.

And I would prefer to love you openly,

bring you here to my home,

eating tortillas con huevos.


I think to travel to other places

where there are less cracks to fall into,

less hazards,

less love to finger...


But it is always you I come back to,

listing at your irreplaceable shore.


                                                                                                March 5, 2000


Lorna Tychostup is an international journalist, photographer, and communications consultant. When Senior Editor of Chronogram Magazine, her reporting took her to Mexico, Morocco, and the Middle East, with a long-term focus on Iraq. She has BA in Cultural Studies from Empire State College SUNY and a MS from NYU's Center for Global Affairs. Her poems may be found in Poet's Gallery anthologies and publications; Dyed-in-the-Wool, a Hudson River Poetry Anthology; and her book of poetry, Tales from the Revolution. Available at ALVA Press, Inc.