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An Excerpt from Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery

By Carl Waldman

He walked the neighborhood to work off restlessness. Along Bleecker Street he stopped in front of a window with three mannequins. They seemed to look at him with contempt. Women out of his past frozen behind glass. Best to revisit them when dreaming, not awake.

What he found for sleeping this night was a first for him - scaffolding in front of the corner empty building at King and MacDougal. It had been poorly assembled, like something out of a shantytown. Missing pieces left a convenient hole within the overhang though which he could wiggle to find refuge on top.

Jake dreamed of his hometown upstate - not New York City.

Hiding in that big tree house.

Jake! Jake! Little sis Caitlin was calling him. 

But Jake ignored her.

Carl Waldman is the author of a number of reference books on history and popular culture, including Atlas of the North American Indian. He also has co-written several screenplays, including an episode of Miami Vice for NBC and The Legend of Two Path, a drama about the Native American side of Raleigh's Lost Colony, shown at Festival Park in North Carolina. Streetscape: A Jake Soho Mystery  may be found on the ALVA Buy Now Page.