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ALVA Promotes Its Authors and Books


Advertising and Distribution of eBooks and Books

     ■Nationwide Advertising: ALVA-published eBooks and books are promoted through the websites of ALVA, B&N, and Kobo as well as through its weekly newsletter, the ALVA Axiom. The ALVA Axiom has a current circulation of more than two thousand, fifteen hundred of whom are media contacts located throughout the United States.

     ■ Book Publishing and Distribution: ALVA produces and distributes it books through the ALVA site. Royalty rates are commensurate with other traditional publishers. Authors wishing books to distribute books through family, friends, and local venues as well as at booksignings may purchase copies in multiples of ten at half list price.

     ■ eBook Publishing and Distribution: ALVA distributes its eBooks through the ALVA website as well as through B&N, and Kobo.



PR and Distribution Costs: Am annual Administrative and Maintenance Fee of $120.00 supports ALVA public relations and distribution efforts and costs.

ALVA is an independent publisher that puts broad energy into publicity for each author and his or her book(s). Among the ways ALVA strives to publicize its authors is by providing:

     ■ An author pre-publication interview distributed among some fifteen hundred media contacts across the country.

     ■ Synopsis, Cover Image, and Author Image in at least three issues of its newsletter, distribution of over two thousand.

     ■ News of upcoming competitions and awards appropriate to ALVA authors.


ALVA, an independent publisher, cares about its authors♥

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