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Jolt Survival Trilogy

The Jolt Survival Trilogy includes the winner of a Jenkins Living Now Inspirational Fiction Award, Jolt: a rural noir, revised, and its sequels, Two Close and Home Again 2020. They are soon to be available in eBook and book form at, Barnes and Noble, Rakuten Kobo, and Target (,,, and

Book I – Jolt: a rural noir

It is said that after a nuclear meltdown, if one can walk away, one will live. Jolt a rural noir tells the story of residents thirty or more miles from a meltdown who survive. Escaping the threat of radiation fallout causes many to flee. Estranged lovers Natalie and Thaw are among those in the mountain village who accommodate to the needs of the forced emigrants. Winter is coming. Radiation sickness, decontamination, and lack of food, housing, and proper sanitation threaten Newees and Townies alike. Epic in expanse, Jolt, a rural noir, revised, describes a community determined to survive. Extremely well-researched, informative, and poignant.

Book II – Two Close: a story of survival

The sequel to Jolt: a rural noir, Two Close: a story of survival follows the paths of the Matters family, Mary, Lou, and their sons, Jason and Marty. Separated by circumstances following terrorism and a nuclear meltdown, Mary, at home, recuperates from radiation sickness. Lou, brain injured in a dirty bomb explosion, recovers from amnesia and right-side brain damage. Their sons have fled and. unable to make contact with their parents, survive alone in the woods. Two Close is a tale of courage and the will to survive.

Book III Home Again 2020

Home Again 2020, the sequel to Too Close, is the story of Jason, Marty, and their mother, Mary Matters, reunited in their home in Ariana. Right hemisphere brain injury has caused Lou Matters, the father, to suffer left side neglect and vision loss. The story of their individual struggles and efforts to heal are further complicated by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in which the search for new answers eludes a government that is itself overwhelmed. Home Again 2020 is the story of the search to heal in an increasingly complex world.


About the Author

Roberta M Roy’s book, Jolt: a rural noir medaled in the 2011 Jenkins Living Now Awards in Inspirational Fiction. Roy then wrote its sequel, Two Close: a story of survival and both have been revised to synchronize with the third book in the trilogy, Home Again 2020. Other books by Roy include The ALVA Axiom Anthology of Author Interviews (ALVA Press 2014) which highlights Roy’s work as an editor interviewer, and Straight from the Robin’s Nest (2015), her work as an essayist. Roy’s book Slivers: Poems by Roberta M Roy, medaled in the 2020 Jenkins International eLit Awards in Poetry.

Roy holds a B.A. in English from the State University College at Albany and an M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Nebraska and has participated in post graduate study at the University of Michigan. Roy is a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who resides in the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York State where she is the creative lead and owner operator of

All books listed above will soon be released through Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and Target. (,,,

Roy Writing Third Book in Jolt Survival Trilogy

Finished the rewrites of Jolt and Two Close and am up to forty fourth page of Home Again, the final book in the Jolt survival trilogy. Working with designer Elliot Toman on formatting and cover design for Jolt revised. Today began the search for an agent for this trilogy. Asked what has been written that was similar, I came up with Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, which is a true story about a national disaster, Hurricane Katrina, and William Faulkner’s books, as he too established an imaginary area in the United States that drew on that with which he was familiar.

Writer, Publisher, Business Woman

Funny. I have never thought of myself as a business woman but yesterday when I received the Hudson Valley Magazine’s announcement that it was now accepting submissions for the 2020 Women in Business Awards, it hit me that I was a business woman and I should apply! You see, as of the end of July I gave up practicing my profession as a NYS licensed speech language pathologist and for the first time I now devote my full time to writing, editing, and publishing. As such, for the first time in all the years I have been publishing, I recognized that I am a business woman! And why not?

ALVA Press Inc was incorporated in 2001. Over the years ALVA has published eighteen titles that are listed at, B&N, and and is now iPhone compatible. Most of the titles ALVA lists are available in both soft cover and eBook forms. Jolt: a rural noir by Roberta M Roy is available in hard cover. ALVA titles Jolt: a rural noir and Drum Machine by Kristen Henderson took respectively, the bronze medal in Jenkins Living Now Awards for Inspirational Fiction and the Gold Metal in Poetry in the Jenkins International eBook Competition and Roy’s Poems by Roberta M Roy medaled in the 2020 Jenkins International eLit Awards.

ALVA Press has been ranked third among the top ten small independent publishers listed by Wiki.ezvid at

The ALVA Press Corporation and trademark is owned and operated by Roberta M Roy whose strength has been in her knowledge of how to edit and publish books of quality however she is not strong on marketing and distribution side. As such, ALVA is looking for a knowledgeable investor savvy in book marketing and distribution who might help build and expand ALVA’s potential.

If you are interested in helping, please contact
Roberta M Roy
ALVA Press Inc
250 Beechwood Avenue 23A
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

I look forward to talking with you.


Revising Jolt and Two Close

It has occurred to me that the sequel to the sequel to Jolt: a rural noir ended in 2021, placing it after the beginning of the current pandemic. Thus, when I considered writing a third book to follow Two Close: a story of survival, I realized it would need to include the pandemic. As such, I decided to revise both Jolt and Two Close so that they would begin in 2017 and end in 2019. In that way, the story of the Matters boys’ return to school might include the effects of COVID-19.

Yesterday I completed the revision of Jolt for line edits and date changes. I have now to write new preface, thin out some of Jolt’s descriptive passages, design a new cover, and copyright Jolt as a revised edition. Then, on to the rewrite of Two Close and thereafter to the writing of its sequel. Perhaps I will call the sequel Home Again.

Long road, but somehow, worth it.

ALVA Press Inc Seeking Investor Publicist

ALVA Press Incorporated is a medium size press representing nine authors and twenty titles in fiction in the categories of adventure, sci-fi, and mystery and the genres of poetry, anthology, history, and children’s books. Among ALVA’s titles, one is medalist in the Jenkins Living Now Awards for Inspirational Fiction and two are medalists in the Jenkins International eLit Awards for Poetry. ALVA’s website is sponsored through Web.Com and its eBooks are listed on and While the owner/operator of ALVA Press Incorporated has been a dedicated writer, editor, and spokesperson for the company, the gifts she evidences in those areas are less evident in the area of business, promotion, and book and eBook distribution. As such ALVA Press Inc is seeking an investor publicist. Anyone interested should contact Roberta M Roy, President, at

Wiki Cites ALVA Press as Independent Publisher of Top Lit!

Hurray! ALVA Press Inc is listed on Ezvid Wiki as an independent publisher producing quality literature! To view the video presentation on the ten independent publishers click on Wiki Link to the left above or go to ALVA Press Inc is listed third of the top ten! Thank you Ezvid Wiki for calling attention to the importance of independent publishers! And for recognizing ALVA Press Inc for its excellence!

Brain Injury in ‘Two Close: A Story of Survival’

Given the Pentagon reports thirty four US soldiers have suffered brain injury as a result of the Iranian missile attach in Iraq, my book Two Close: A Story of Survival should be of particular interest to anyone associated with any of these wounded soldiers. Brain injury has long been an interest of mine, in part because I suffered it at birth which caused difficulties with walking and communicating that largely I have overcome. However, as a speech language pathologist, I have worked with many brain injured persons. Most of them evidenced aphasia that caused inability or difficulty in communicating in words. But among them I recall an older gentleman with right side brain injury which caused him to have difficulty sequencing to perform simple tasks such as using the dishwasher or sorting his pills. But the most remarkable thing was his left side neglect which meant his ability to process visual information on his left side was impaired. The impairment was so pronounced that in talking about a dinner he had been to with his wife and some others, as his wife had sat on his left side, he thought she had not been there.

On the other hand he communicated verbally with ease . . . as long as you did not ask him to verbally sequence the completion of a familiar task.

In my book Two Close: A Story of Survival Lou Matters, the father in the Matters family, suffers right side brain injury as a result of an explosion of a dirty bomb that occurs near to him. The book follows his treatment and progress and return to his family. His wife, a speech language pathologist, understands his difficulties and adjusts herself and her family to adapt to his needs as he recovers to the extent he can within the time covered in the book.

An interesting read in this time when discussions of brain injury must be rampant among the families of those affected.

Slivers, Poetry by Roberta M Roy

Roy’s thoughts on publishing Slivers:

My thought on my poetry is that across the course of my life it has been wrung from me like slivers from my deepest, most passionate parts. The tenor varies with my age and circumstance at the time of writing. The poems I have included not as an editor might do, but as a biographer. They reflect my emotional life and critical events over the years.

While older and wiser, in matters of the heart I remain open, vulnerable and ever grateful that in my times of greatest joy and greatest pain slight slivers of poetry have permitted me to state my deepest feelings in a manner that gives them dignity when all the world might think me mad to love or hurt so passionately.

I have divided the poems loosely into groups by topic. “Miniatures” are of people in my life; “Love Poems” of different aspects of romantic love, love in disrepair and friendship; “Moments” reflect very brief actual events presented as expressions of brief observations, questions, or insights; and “Musings” are of views on a variety of topics and events in my life. The last section, “Bereft,” are cameos of emotionally disturbed grade schoolers with whom I have done speech language therapy. While these poems do not in any way provide a biography, they may at times suggest the maturing and adapting of my ideas over time. My hope is that the poems will bring the reader at least some pleasure.

Roberta M Roy

ALVA Now iPhone Compatible

It’s a process! Not the simplest. But this year we are adapting the website to make it iPhone compatible. It still needs some work . . . like getting the eBooks added . . . but gosh it is easy to view any place you are . . . on your computer, your iPad, or even your iPhone. And included in it are writer’s quotes . . . perhaps you have one to submit . . . and the most readable list of books you are likely to find anywhere. Check ’em out. You’re sure to find something to catch your interest!

Just enjoying the fresh view!