Adirondack Paper Girl

Adirondack Paper Girl
by Jean Arleen Breed

Adirondack Paper Girl is the tender and dignified autobiography of, Jean Arleen Breed, as she grew up in the Lake Champlain area of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. Written as an anthology of autobiographic poems, Adirondack Paper Girl depicts Breed’s life as the daughter of a miner forced by hard times to move his family from village to village. When they eventually settle in Port Henry, Breed becomes a paper girl delivering the news to people in all walks of life, many of whom become her friends. A true American classic. 82 pages

About the Author
Jean Arleen Breed is a lifelong resident of the Adirondack Champlain Valley region in New York State. The daughter of a miner her poems bring a tender and dignified honesty to the story of her growing up in hard times, moving six times before graduating high school, and finally settling in Port Henry where her responsibilities as a paper girl brought her in contact with villagers from all walks of life, many of whom became close friends.

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