Odd Road Out

Odd Road Out
A New England adventure and love story
in which everything wrong goes right!

by Betty Hampel
Odd Road Out: Samantha Smith would run to the Maine Coast. Even The Press would never find this wheelchair-bound heiress, her blonde hair now dyed black. ‘Smith' seemed somehow appropriate as hadn't she become a sort of ‘Jane Doe' who must seek out her own identity, make her own decisions? However, nothing was to prepare her for the abrupt appearances of Charles Martin . . . and all that he would bring with him . . . a dog that smiled . . . kindness sweeter than any she had ever known... and a future that in her wildest dreams she might never have imagined. An adult fairy tale in which everything wrong goes right. 74 pages

About the Author
Elizabeth Doolittle Hampel is a longtime resident humorist, novelist, and artist of Middlebury, VT. Born in New York State, Betty, as she prefers to be known, writes for the pure pleasure of it. The widow of the prominent Vermont artist Harrison Hampel, a number of her short stories have been featured in national magazines, as have a number of her commissioned portraits and landscapes been reproduced on magazine covers. Prolific in any medium, Betty Hampel writes in many voices, in many styles, of many eras. Among her published works are Gumshoe (2009), Xlibris, from which this biographical information is quoted; and Mirror Image (2014) and Once a Gypsy (2014), ALVA Press, Inc.

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