Once a Gypsy

Once a Gypsy
by Betty Hampel
246 pages

Once a Gypsy Aspiring to be a female Spinosa and working in a Brooklyn diner to supplement her scholarships, about a half century ago, dark-eyed, Cassie Connelly’s life plan is abruptly torn apart by the arrival of an official-looking envelope from Twitchell and Twitchell, Ltd., London, England. Its contents wrench her from the safe arms of the loving couple Botts to across the waters to England to a desolate area near the White Cliffs of Dover. Named heir to the estate of Cedric Carleston, a man whose identity is quite unclear, Cassie finds herself caught in a web of people not all of whom are as they seem. In her efforts to search out the true identity of Carleston she comes to learn more about both her own personal history and special powers than she ever might have imagined possible. Filled with turns and twists in which tinkling bells, Tarot cards, an abandoned house, and enigmatic answers carry a young dark-haired beauty out upon the moors and eventually to what will become her true life path, Betty Hampel’s Once a Gypsy, has just the touch of mystery and mysticism to keep the reader compelled to the very last page.

About the Author
Elizabeth Doolittle Hampel is a longtime resident humorist, novelist, and artist of Middlebury, VT. Born in New York State, Betty, as she prefers to be known, writes for the pure pleasure of it. The widow of the prominent Vermont artist Harrison Hampel, a number of her short stories have been featured in national magazines, as have a number of her commissioned portraits and landscapes been reproduced on magazine covers. Prolific in any medium, Betty Hampel writes in many voices, in many styles, of many eras. Among her published works are Gumshoe (2009), Xlibris, from which this biographical information is quoted; and Odd Road Out (2013) and Mirror Image (2014), ALVA Press, Inc.

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