Posts made in August 2020

Writer, Publisher, Business Woman

Funny. I have never thought of myself as a business woman but yesterday when I received the Hudson Valley Magazine’s announcement that it was now accepting submissions for the 2020 Women in Business Awards, it hit me that I was a business woman and I should apply! You see, as of the end of July I gave up practicing my profession as a NYS licensed speech language pathologist and for the first time I now devote my full time to writing, editing, and publishing. As such, for the first time in all the years I have been publishing, I recognized that I am a business woman! And why not?

ALVA Press Inc was incorporated in 2001. Over the years ALVA has published eighteen titles that are listed at, B&N, and and is now iPhone compatible. Most of the titles ALVA lists are available in both soft cover and eBook forms. Jolt: a rural noir by Roberta M Roy is available in hard cover. ALVA titles Jolt: a rural noir and Drum Machine by Kristen Henderson took respectively, the bronze medal in Jenkins Living Now Awards for Inspirational Fiction and the Gold Metal in Poetry in the Jenkins International eBook Competition and Roy’s Poems by Roberta M Roy medaled in the 2020 Jenkins International eLit Awards.

ALVA Press has been ranked third among the top ten small independent publishers listed by Wiki.ezvid at

The ALVA Press Corporation and trademark is owned and operated by Roberta M Roy whose strength has been in her knowledge of how to edit and publish books of quality however she is not strong on marketing and distribution side. As such, ALVA is looking for a knowledgeable investor savvy in book marketing and distribution who might help build and expand ALVA’s potential.

If you are interested in helping, please contact
Roberta M Roy
ALVA Press Inc
250 Beechwood Avenue 23A
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

I look forward to talking with you.


Revising Jolt and Two Close

It has occurred to me that the sequel to the sequel to Jolt: a rural noir ended in 2021, placing it after the beginning of the current pandemic. Thus, when I considered writing a third book to follow Two Close: a story of survival, I realized it would need to include the pandemic. As such, I decided to revise both Jolt and Two Close so that they would begin in 2017 and end in 2019. In that way, the story of the Matters boys’ return to school might include the effects of COVID-19.

Yesterday I completed the revision of Jolt for line edits and date changes. I have now to write new preface, thin out some of Jolt’s descriptive passages, design a new cover, and copyright Jolt as a revised edition. Then, on to the rewrite of Two Close and thereafter to the writing of its sequel. Perhaps I will call the sequel Home Again.

Long road, but somehow, worth it.