ALVA to Offer Twenty Published Great Titles

ALVA to Offer Twenty Published Great Titles

Seems to me it is definitely something to celebrate! Since 2011 ten authors vetted, up there, and committed to ALVA! Two with internationally recognized medals! Twenty titles! We must be doing something right.

And immediately, if one counts one children’s book published in three languages–Spanish, French, and English–we have seventeen in our bookstore, all but four of which are available in eBook and book forms. And coming soon is a book of Poetry by Roberta M Roy: Slivers.

Seems to me our motto “Cherish the writer . . . Delight the Reader” is paying off.

To share your thoughts on our growth please send us a message through the ALVA contact page. Love to hear from you!

Roberta in Po-Town
Not too proud!