Of My Maiden Smoking

Of My Maiden Smoking

Of My Maiden Smoking

By Kristen Henderson
A gold medalist in poetry in the Jenkins 2011 International eLit Awards, the work of Kristen Henderson is lauded by readers and poets alike.

“A few words come to mind - arresting, potent, subtle . . . Kristen’s voice is worth listening to from an open and deep place, where poetry comes from; hers is real, (and she humbly knows it and owns it). I find even more in her poems upon re-reading; they are precise, yet generous, accessible as well as multi-layered and surprising - expanding and contracting - her spirit shines powerfully through. I will definitely be following to see where this gift takes her and am thankful she’s sharing it.”

Pamela Livingston, Poet, Cherry Valley, New York

KRISTEN HENDERSON received her MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona. Her poems have appeared in Birmingham Review, ByLine, Clackamas Review, Karamu, Bloom, and other journals. In the spring of 2007, two of her poems were selected by Eamon Grennan to appear in Vanguard Voices of the Hudson Valley, II. Kristen is also a 2005 and 2007 Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg award recipient and received First Honor­able Mention in the Passages North Elinor Benedict poetry competition in 2001, and was a finalist again in 2006. Kristen received her MSW at SUNY Albany in May 2008.

From late 2010 to early 2015 Kristen Henderson worked as Director for the Cherry Branch Gallery in Cherry Valley, NY. There she hosted and/or curated over 45 exhibitions by such prominent artists as: illustrator, Scott Donohue; multimedia artist, Richard Frasca; watercolorist, Carol Ann Henderson; painter, Alice B. Hurwitz; multimedia artist, David Leo; im­pressionist, Ed McDaniel; watercolorist, Kathy Minnig; potter/clay artist, MaryAnn Nellis; plein air painter, Mary Nolan; landscape painter, Richard Redmond; photographer, Phil Scalia; sculptor, Jennifer L. Smith; photog­rapher, Robin Supak; iphoneographer, Vicki Whicker; among many highly skilled and accomplished others, too numerous to mention.

Henderson also welcomed a monthly writers’ group, hosted readings-- most notably by poets, Dennis Bernstein, author of Special Ed; F. Bjórn­son Stock, author of Drawing Water; memoirist, Nancy Waller, author of My Nanking Home: 1918-1937; and a memorably enchanting evening of journal excerpts by Pamela Livingston about her travels to the Peruvian Amazon.

Henderson’s rich experiences amid Central New York’s fertile and faceted art scene and the friendships made there, inspired the new poems in this collection.

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