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Home Again 2020 Book 3

Roberta M Roy’s Jolt Survival Trilogy includes the winner of a Jenkins Living Now Inspirational Fiction Award, Jolt: A Rural Noir, revised, and its sequels, Two Close and Home Again 2020

Book III Home Again 2020 the sequel to Two Close, is a historical novel that tells the story of Jason, Marty, and their mother, Mary Matters, reunited in their home in Ariana. Right hemisphere brain injury has caused Lou Matters, the father, to suffer left side neglect and vision loss while Mary provides speech therapy for children on the autism spectrum. The story of their individual and joint struggles and efforts to heal are blind-sided by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in an environment where answers elude a government that is itself overwhelmed. Home Again 2020 is the story of the search to heal and survive in an increasingly complex world.

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"An emotional and contemporary novel, Home Again 2020 by Roberta M. Roy is a deeply relatable and engaging tale of our times. The omniscient narration gives readers a bird’s-eye view of an ordinary family who has already faced extraordinary challenges long before the chaos and stress of Covid set into their everyday lives. Thoroughly developed characters and unfiltered commentary on middle-class existence give this book an authentic feel. Time passes very quickly, but that does give readers a chance to watch the family dynamic evolve and witness these relationships fully play out, though the interactions can often feel unnatural, and the dialogue can be stilted. Incredibly timely, this is a book to which millions of Americans can relate – unpolished and imperfect in places, but ultimately a powerful story of fierce survival." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

Home Again 2020 by Roberta M Roy
[OnlineBookClub.org review of "Home Again 2020" by Roberta M Roy.]

The setting is Ariana in the summer of 2019. Having fled their home to escape radiation exposure, the Matters—Mary, Lou, and their sons, Jason, Ricky, and Marty—have only just returned home to pick up the pieces of their lives. However, what they do not know is the enormity of the impact that unfolding events will have on them as a family and individually. As they try to settle back into their normal lives and reunite with old friends, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic seeks to ensure that things will never remain the same again. This is a story of perseverance, grit, and the human spirit's strength to survive against countless odds.

Home Again 2020 is a tale about me, you, and countless other people the world over who have lived through the events of 2020. This novel was divided into two parts. In the first part, Roberta M Roy portrayed the events that happened in the past year through the lives of the Matters. It narrated the drastic changes that took place in their lives after they had to flee their homes to avoid radiation. Upon returning home and seeking to establish some semblance of normalcy, the Covid-19 pandemic shattered whatever hope they had of living a normal life. The second part of the book narrated the personal and communal adjustments that had to be made to survive and thrive in "the new normal."

Home Again 2020 was an emotional and inspiring read. The writer found a way to draw me into the story such that I felt I was a part of it. This may be because I had firsthand experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and all the upheavals of 2020. I especially loved how the author carefully developed every character in the story. I could understand them on a personal level and could therefore appreciate their individual battles as they tried to adapt. Lou was one of my best characters. It was very touching the way he was able to embrace a totally new paradigm as he sought a career change. Despite the odds stacked against him, he was able to reinvent himself and re-integrate fully into society. . . the story will hit really close to home for most people in today's "global pandemic" world. It touches on something we can all relate to. . .  I recommend it to anyone who experienced and survived the traumas of 2020. Since this book is a historical fiction novel, it would also help the ideal reader to be a lover of fiction as well.

[Kirkus review of "Home Again 2020" by Roberta M Roy.]

In this third installment of a series, a family torn apart by a radioactive disaster struggles to return to normalcy. In previous books in this saga, Lou Matters' the family survived a ghastly catastrophe when the local nuclear plant where he worked was destroyed by a dirty bomb planted by terrorists. He suffered terrible head injuries and lost his memory, and his wife, Mary, suffered radiation poisoning. Marty and Jason, their two sons, headed north to elude the radiation and fended for themselves for months before returning home. Now, Mary has returned home to resume her work as a speech pathologist, and Lou is temporarily staying with his sister, Lenore, where he slowly recovers and studies to start a new career as a graphic designer. A major challenge to the family, as well as to the country, is the spread of Covid-19, which compels the schools to close and the boys to adapt to learning online. After Minneapolis police kill George Floyd, the nation descends into chaos, and Marty, who's become increasingly engrossed in political affairs, looks for ways to participate in Black Lives Matter protests. . . .  Roy does win points for the topicality, as she's clearly invested in capturing the moral and cultural tumult of the present moment in American history. . . .  The narrative is relatively self-contained and can stand on its own, but it will appeal most to readers who've already read its predecessors.