Jolt: A Rural Noir (revised) Book 1

Jolt: A Rural Noir (revised)

Jolt: A Rural Noir (revised) Book 1

Roberta M Roy’s Jolt Survival Trilogy includes the winner of a Jenkins Living Now Inspirational Fiction Award, Jolt: A Rural Noir, revised, and its sequels, Two Close and Home Again 2020

Book I Jolt: a rural noir - It is said that after a nuclear meltdown, if one can walk away, one will live. Jolt a rural noir tells the story of residents thirty or more miles from a meltdown who survive. Epic in expanse, Jolt: A Rural Noir, revised, describes a community determined to survive. Extremely well-researched, informative, and poignant.

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"Roberta M. Roy imagines in chilling detail the aftermath of a nuclear fallout on the lives of a number of sympathetic characters. She explores their joys, trials, and conflicts in both engaging backstory and traumatic present as they fight to save folk from the nightmare of radiation. This futuristic novel is well written and researched, and the victims’ stories are poignant; the plight of the young Matters brothers, in particular, will stir the blood."
--Nancy Means Wright, author of Mad Cow Nightmare and Midnight Fires

"Jolt is a well written and thoroughly researched novel which portrays, through the lives of its multiple characters, the apocalyptic aftermath of a post-nuclear 9/11. Setting her story in a fictional but believable future, Ms. Roy adroitly manages to involve the reader in her characters’ loves and lives while simultaneously illustrating the medical and societal horrors of a nuclear disaster. A “must read” for anyone, politician or otherwise, who needs to be reminded of the unimaginable consequences of a nuclear accident or attack on those fortunate or unfortunate enough to survive it."
--John Harris, Ph.D. Radiation Biology and Biophysics M.D., Diplomat of American Board of Radiology Professor of Radiation Oncology, Emeritus

"Jolt: a rural noir, was an interesting and fascinating carpet ride into the... possibility, or likelihood, of a radiation disaster, clearly accurate and well researched... it is a story about community and bravery, the social and emotional commitment to the structural well-being of the community as a whole and its response to terror. It is about the selflessness, the (often unspoken) communication, the coordination, the sacrifice, the cooperation and efforts and challenges and transitions of each person in that community, the ability to evolve from comfort to necessity... I absolutely recommend this book. You will wish, or maybe even believe, you know these people. Enjoy."
--Lynda Tellekamp, from

"This book illustrates how life as we know it can be changed in an instant by a single event. Upon reading, I was immediately transported into the lives of characters who found themselves facing extraordinary challenges in order to survive. The descriptive and detailed writing style made me feel that I was one of them, caught up in their struggles and small victories. More importantly, the book brings to light an issue which has often been ignored - the dangers of nuclear power. While seeing the characters in the book work together in an inspiring display of community and self-sacrifice for the common good, I could not help but think about how my own community might cope with a similar disaster. I found this book to be thought-provoking, realistic, and above all, a pleasure to read."
--Jennifer, from

“ "Jolt" is a riveting read that casts an unusual yet page turning thriller.”
--MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW, Small Press Book Watch, Reviewer's Choice, Mystery/Suspense Shelf, November 2011