Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

by Betty Hampel
246 pages

Early orphaned, now grown to maturity, lovely redhead Letty Hammond's need for ties leads her far afield from her simple beginnings in the tiny village of Marlingham on the Cornish Coast of England in the 1890s.

An invitation arrives from America... one she cannot possibly refuse, as it may lead her to her long lost and supposedly identical twin, Bethany, and their older brother, Gregory. She visits New York in an effort to follow clues that lead back and forth across the Atlantic... first as a penniless orphan, then, suddenly, as a wealthy heiress.

Mystery and intrigue, deceit and danger, unwarranted hatred and obsessive love, even murder and madness dog her heels as she runs from a past that never existed toward a life she hopes to claim as her own. The author has drawn upon her unique knowledge of human nature to portray a panoramic picture of Letty's action-filled world.

About the Author

Elizabeth Doolittle Hampel is a longtime resident humorist, novelist, and artist of Middlebury, VT. Born in New York State, Betty, as she prefers to be known, writes for the pure pleasure of it. The widow of the prominent Vermont artist Harrison Hampel, a number of her short stories have been featured in national magazines, as have a number of her commissioned portraits and landscapes been reproduced on magazine covers. Prolific in any medium, Betty Hampel writes in many voices, in many styles, of many eras. Among her published works are Gumshoe (2009), Xlibris, from which this biographical information is quoted; and Odd Road Out (2013) and Mirror Image (2014), ALVA Press, Inc.

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