Revising Jolt and Two Close

It has occurred to me that the sequel to the sequel to Jolt: a rural noir ended in 2021, placing it after the beginning of the current pandemic. Thus, when I considered writing a third book to follow Two Close: a story of survival, I realized it would need to include the pandemic. As such, I decided to revise both Jolt and Two Close so that they would begin in 2017 and end in 2019. In that way, the story of the Matters boys’ return to school might include the effects of COVID-19.

Yesterday I completed the revision of Jolt for line edits and date changes. I have now to write new preface, thin out some of Jolt’s descriptive passages, design a new cover, and copyright Jolt as a revised edition. Then, on to the rewrite of Two Close and thereafter to the writing of its sequel. Perhaps I will call the sequel Home Again.

Long road, but somehow, worth it.