Slivers, Poetry by Roberta M Roy

Roy’s thoughts on publishing Slivers:

My thought on my poetry is that across the course of my life it has been wrung from me like slivers from my deepest, most passionate parts. The tenor varies with my age and circumstance at the time of writing. The poems I have included not as an editor might do, but as a biographer. They reflect my emotional life and critical events over the years.

While older and wiser, in matters of the heart I remain open, vulnerable and ever grateful that in my times of greatest joy and greatest pain slight slivers of poetry have permitted me to state my deepest feelings in a manner that gives them dignity when all the world might think me mad to love or hurt so passionately.

I have divided the poems loosely into groups by topic. “Miniatures” are of people in my life; “Love Poems” of different aspects of romantic love, love in disrepair and friendship; “Moments” reflect very brief actual events presented as expressions of brief observations, questions, or insights; and “Musings” are of views on a variety of topics and events in my life. The last section, “Bereft,” are cameos of emotionally disturbed grade schoolers with whom I have done speech language therapy. While these poems do not in any way provide a biography, they may at times suggest the maturing and adapting of my ideas over time. My hope is that the poems will bring the reader at least some pleasure.

Roberta M Roy