Two Close: A Story of Survival (revised) Book 2

Two Close: A Story of Survival (revised)

Jolt: A Rural Noir (revised) Book 2

Roberta M Roy’s Jolt Survival Trilogy includes the winner of a Jenkins Living Now Inspirational Fiction Award, Jolt: A Rural Noir, revised, and its sequels, Two Close and Home Again 2020

Book II Two Close: a story of survival, the sequel to Jolt: a rural noir, follows the paths of the Matters family, Mary, Lou, and their sons, Jason and Marty. Separated by circumstances following terrorism and a nuclear meltdown, Mary, a speech-language pathologist recuperates at home from radiation sickness. Lou, brain-injured in a dirty bomb explosion, recovers from amnesia and right-side brain damage. Their sons have fled and survived alone in the woods. Two Close is a tale of courage and the human will to survive.

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"Roy is at her best when depicting the disorientation that inevitably ensues after such a major calamity, a fog thickened by the dislocation of the Matters family." Kirkus Reviews