We’ve Come a Long Way

We’ve Come a Long Way
Wow! If 2015 comes anywhere near to matching 2014 for ALVA growth, we are definitely in for some excitement. Coming out of a year in which we released eight new titles and took all but two of our fifteen eBook titles to hard copy, ya’ gotta love us! Yes, now you can come to us to read Adult Fiction, Poetry, Mysteries, Children’s eBooks, and Local Histories! We like to think that on the one hand we are open to quality experimental styles while on the other we really enjoy history and literary fiction.

New authors with ALVA are Kelli Devlin and Chris Campbell. Chris teamed with Carl Waldman to write a knock-your-sock-off classic book of local history, The Sharon Springs Timeline, while Kelli’s book or should I say books? . . . is/are still in process in that only the English edition has been released but coming soon, Coco’s Christmas Eve, will be available also in French and Spanish. A charming illustrated children’s book you will want to own even if you have no children . . . just so you can say there is a book you have read in three languages.

And then, coming in February, Janet Marie Russo’s literary mix of prose and poetry in which she tells the story of her struggle to grow strong despite the history of physical and psychological abuse by her father. And so lightly told that as a reader while on the one hand you will hurt for her, on the other there are no scenes in it so graphically written as to make the reader cringe.

Meantime, each of two other of our authors report nearing the completion of new titles for 2015.

Robin in Po-Town, Feelin’ just oh! so grateful!